Cons and Pros of Drug Rehab for Men

Drug Rehab
Drug Rehab

You cannot deny that women need specific rehabilitation services, but it is also true that gender-specific treatments have multiple benefits and therapies. The efforts to focus on a particular specific demographic for rehab treatment have increased their chances of defeating addiction and decreasing the chances of relapse. It is quite evident that men and women have different mental and physical status. As such, the extent of their addiction also differs.

Therefore much male-oriented addiction treatment centers have focused on directing the treatments and therapy sessions towards men. They use a variety of programs to deal with the challenges of men’s drug and alcohol addiction.

Men’s intoxication is lesser than that of women because of the amount of body fat and water. As a result, men often binge a lot while drinking, as this is necessary to maintain the level of intoxication. The alcohol fighting enzymes present in human bodies is much more in men than women. As such, they have more tolerance towards drugs and alcohol. Therefore men drink much more than women. It takes a lot of time for a man to fall into a full drug and alcohol addiction cycle then a woman. As such, treating substance abuse in men and women has to be specific to gender.

Research has proved that many women struggling with drug addiction have faced sexual abuse in the past. You can easily find men only drug rehab for professional and skilled medical experts and guidance for men near you.

Various benefits ofmen addiction rehab center

After understanding the reason for having a gender-specific rehab center for men, it is necessary to understand an all-male rehabilitation center’s services. The main focus is to aim the therapies and treatment towards males based on their psychology and physiology.

Group therapy sessions

group therapy sessions help men to communicate their feelings more naturally. It is quite evident that men also feel uncomfortable and intimidated in the company of unfamiliar women.However, if they are in other men’s company, it becomes much easier for them to bond and chat and share stories. Usually, substance abuse disorder is due to a variety of reasons. As such, men easily connect with other men; they share details and discuss the reasons that led them to resort to substance abuse.

Do not have to face judgments

Men will feel more comfortable in other men’s company because they do not have to fear getting misjudged. They can discuss with other men in the rehab center about their aggressive moments after using drugs and alcohol. It can become much easier for them to expose their pent up emotions in the absence of women.

Do not have to deal with expectations of being tough

There is too much societal pressure on men that forces them to withhold their emotions. If the rehab treatment focuses primarily on men, this eliminates the expectation, thereby facilitating the healing procedure.

It becomes easier to seek help

In a male-dominated society, it becomes complicated for them to seek help because of their psychological status. Men find it very difficult to admit in public that they need help. However, when they see other men seeking out help for their substance abuse disorder, it becomes much easier for them to open up their problems and ask for assistance.

Despite all the benefits of gender-specific drug rehab, you cannot ignore the fact that there are certain disadvantages of the all-male rehab program.

Lack of interaction in a diverse group

Many times you may notice that men suffer from addiction because of the opposite gender. Thusthey must interact with the opposite gender in group therapy sessions to pace up the healing process. They become more comfortable and try to forget the lousy past associated with substance abuse disorder.

Unrealistic preparation

The world does not exist on one gender; after completing the rehab program, they have to face both the genders in the outside world. Thus having a treatment program based on one specific gender will limit the scope of future community interactions.

Gives rise to false misconceptions

When men and men bond, they might discuss very stereotypes related to women. However, if men and women attend therapy sessions together,it might decrease these misconceptions and might also lead to the debunking of the popular misconceptions. Having a free and calm mind helps both men and women to overcome their addiction.

Lack of healthy interaction with the opposite sex

If men and women experience rehabilitation treatment with appropriate settings, they become more comfortable and discuss the grief and tales more freely. It enables them to foster healthy relations even after the treatment.

However, there are many pros and cons of drug rehab for men near you. It depends on an individual and their commitment to overcome their addiction problem.