Guidelines for Expectant Mothers during Pregnancy


Having a baby is an exciting and special moment in a woman’s life. During this pregnancy, it is important to take care of yourself to ensure that both you and your baby remain healthy. With proper care and healthy choices, you can look forward to a healthy pregnancy and child. It is advisable to begin getting medical care when you find out that you are expecting a child.

Medical Care in pregnancy

Getting prenatal care as soon as you can is essential for you and the baby that is developing inside you. The healthcare provider will let you know what you need to do in order to have a healthy pregnancy. Your initial prenatal visit will provide you with useful information that you need to keep in mind during your pregnancy.

The first prenatal visit typically involves the doctor asking you various questions that include when you last had your period. This enables the medical practitioner to know the duration of your pregnancy and due date. Due dates are useful estimates that make it possible to work out when the baby will be born. An online due date calculator can be used to approximate when conception took place and when the baby will be delivered. 

Folic Acid for a healthy pregnancy

An important step towards having a healthy pregnancy and infant is to get adequate amounts of folic acid on a daily basis to minimize the risk of your baby developing defects that affect the neural tube. Folic acid is derived from supplements as well as grains. Folic acid is readily absorbed by the body but since it is not easy to get enough quantities from consuming food, vitamin supplements are recommended.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking in pregnancy

During your pregnancy, it is important to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking. Alcohol consumption and tobacco can compromise the health of your baby and interfere with normal development in the womb. If you are pregnant and need to quit drinking or smoking, let your doctor know. Lifestyle changes are necessary for preserving the health of your baby and preventing development problems that can have far-reaching effects later on in his or her life.


A significant percentage of women are on medication while pregnant. Some medication may be safe but others may need to be taken with caution or avoided. Consult your doctor about any medication that you take to determine whether or not it is safe for your condition.

Toxic Environments

Limit your exposure to toxic elements such as chemicals and emissions that may be harmful. When you want to get pregnant or are already pregnant, it is important to keep away from toxic environments or working conditions that can cause harm to you and the fetus.

Healthy and Safe Diet

A nutritious and healthy balanced diet is essential for a developing fetus. Your diet determines the nutrients that your baby will have. You also need to remain hydrated by drinking enough water. With each pregnancy stage, your nutritional requirements may change.

You can consult your healthcare provider for more information pertaining to what you should eat. Along with keeping your diet healthy, you also need to keep it safe. Certain types of food need to be avoided during pregnancy such as raw or undercooked meat, and cheese that has not been pasteurized.

Due Date Calculators Available

Due date calculators are valuable resources for women who want to find out when their baby was conceived and when they can expect to deliver their babies. Calculating conception makes it possible to know the date when conception took place. You can learn more about pregnancy and al the stuff you will need for your newborn on