being happy is one of life greatest pleasures

Being happy is the desire of every single living being. You will be surprised to know that even animals desire happiness too. Many of the sad and uncultured things people do today are all in a quest to finding happiness. Some think having more money is the answer but end up wanting and wanting more and yet feel no happiness. Happiness isn’t a mystery, it’s a way of life, and they are practices that can help make you happy. Here are 8 practices thought by therapist that can make you happy.

Deep breathing

The first and most obvious one has to be deep breathing. This is a practice that has span centuries and still in practice today. Health expert Habib Sadeghi stated that this practice could, in fact, activate the part of the nervous system responsible for lowering heart rate and blood pressure. This translates to simply getting you off your head and into your body. Taking a deep breath is said by her to be a slow way to change how you feel and think and in all, maintain your happiness.

Give Back

There is an incredible amount of joy that comes with giving to those in need. Not because they demanded it, but because you want to give. Trust me; it’s one of my favorite practices. Those who have tried this will agree with this, and those who haven’t should. Giving back to the world through your favorite charity or through a friend brings a great feeling of happiness and joy. It is one of life’s hack and one you should practice.

Foster Good Relationship Both With Friends And Family

No man is an island of its own, but everyone is a piece of the continent. This saying by John Dorne may not particularly have to do with happiness, but one has to understand that the world means nothing without people to share it with. By spending quality time with people you feel a connection to, you create a supportive network which helps in times of stress and depression. Sometimes a phone call to someone you care about is all it takes to regain happiness and set your mental state back on track. Now, believe it or not, people who do not spend enough time with friends and family are more prone to loneliness and depression.

Do What You Love

There is a popular saying that goes, “Do what you love, and excellence will follow.” This is correct. Doing what you love and getting rewarded for it brings nothing but happiness. If you are currently following your passion doing what you love at your place of work or as a business, you should have discovered that there are energy and enthusiasm you possess that your colleagues do not. So, if you aren’t doing what you love, now is really a good time to consider a change of career because doing what you love is certainly one sure way to experience long and lasting happiness.


Avoid Regrets

You see, regrets are nothing but snippets designed to drain your happiness in life. Making mistakes no matter how dire is a part of life, and everyone has had their fair share at one point or another. Taking mistakes as lessons is the best way to avoid regrets, keep your eyes on the ball, and retain your happiness. It’s a practice of fortune 500 companies, and it works.

Avoid Clutter

Trying to do more than you should handle at once is a sure way to unhappiness and frustration. Trust me; you don’t want to bite more than you can sew. Organize your activities and handle one at a time. This way, you will not only maintain happiness but also be more productive with your task.


Do not compare yourself to others

I believe we are all familiar with saying, “life is a race.” While this might be true, the race isn’t with your fellow man. The race is with yourself. Trying to be better than who you were yesterday is the only race you run in this world. So many have lost track of the good things happening in their lives simply because they pay more attention to the accomplishment of others. While this might be easier said than done, if you focus on the good things happening in your life, you will certainly feel more accomplished and happy.

Don’t Bottle Up Emotions

I know the first look might make this look unadvisable but sometimes and for a specific type of people, bottling up emotions and avoiding confrontation seems easier and more peaceful. That may be true but at the same time, false. A licensed counselor and motivational speaker Heidi Ligouri said ignoring how you feel often makes the situation worse. Not reacting to a situation you should have reacted to might save you embarrassment or an argument, but in the long run, situations you didn’t deal with will forever meddle with your happiness. So whenever you feel bad about something or someone, exercise your feeling outwardly by asking, scream or even smash a bottle if that’s what you feel like doing. Just don’t smash it on anyone. Taking the time to express your feelings will forever help you get into a happier mindset.

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The Bottom Line

Happiness is a treasured gift, and one everyone desires. The good news is; with these 8 steps, you are sure of experiencing happiness all the days of your life.

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