Themes you can use for a dazzling home

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Things in your house make up the home you and your family live in. What makes it different from the other houses? Your home is a unique expression of you and your personality. It is your safe space where you invite people and let them see the most intimate space and the centre of your universe. The most exposed part of your home is your walls. So, painting the walls with a colour that brings together everything in your house can be tricky. Here are some themes that may inspire you depending on the kind of home you are looking to build. 

English style

Old English houses are known for their opulence and ornate furniture. They are known for their subtle colours and classy interiors. If you are looking to decorate your house with the old English theme in mind then you can go for soft and subtle colours. You can incorporate features of various eras and add elements from around the world to keep things interesting. Comfortable and plush is generally the theme when it comes to English houses. With more people looking toward incorporating pieces of art in their interiors there is a rise in the use of accent walls and creative pieces. People are looking to make the walls in their houses into art pieces. The artful accents combined with eclectic furniture are great examples of modern English houses. 

The Greek style

The meaningful minimalism seen in the design trends in Greece is a reflection of the past creative trends. Returning to the basic styles of design that include lines, forms, and structures is the main trend in Greece. If you are looking for painting services in Hyderabad to help you execute your vision for your Greek themed house then this is the perfect choice for you. The use of stone, especially marble, has been a timeless tradition. Since this material can be found in abundance in Greece it is one of the most used materials while making a house. If you visit Greece, you will notice that even the statues in public places are made with marble. This is the traditionally used stone that is durable as well as looks great and can be polished to a mirror finish. At the same time, the traditional houses in Greece are known to use soft colours along with stunning accents.

Art revival in India

The celebration of art and artists has been an integral part of Indian heritage. Right from palaces to huts, art has evolved in every corner of the country. One of the best ways to celebrate the cultural richness of India is by incorporating a form of it into your home. From bronze statues to artfully painted walls in homes in India are all about tapping into your inner artist. The rooms with high traffic and the ones which are likely to get affected by fungus or walls that need to be washable can be painted with Indigo Paints. Indigo Paints are perfect for creating beautiful walls in places that can get affected because of the weather conditions in India. The art of turning simple spaces into glorious corners can be done by adding a painting here and there and turning your walls into an art project themselves.

The Irish dream

Ireland is popular for lakes and palaces that are sprinkled across the region. The interior trends are changing and people are opting for bold and vibrant colours. Since the 90s there has been a surge in new construction and you can see a lot of changes in wall tones and pieces of furniture as well.

These tips will make for a great home and make your houses trendier.