3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Health Quickly


The pandemic has been hard on all of us – we’ve lost our normal routines, including our health and fitness routines. We’ve also been a lot less active than usual, working from home rather than commuting to the office. But now the pandemic is slowly ending, we can find a new normal. This includes finding ways to get our health back on track. If you’re wanting to invest more in your health and fitness, here are three ways to dramatically improve your health quickly.

1. Get Active
One of the best things you can do to improve your health quickly is to quite simply move your body more. Our lives are more sedentary than ever before, and it’s not good for us. You want to find something that helps you become active, that doesn’t feel like ‘work.’ This will depend a lot on your lifestyle and your preferences as to what fits best, but for me personally I love skating because it feels like play rather than exercise. The best thing about skating is it’s a very low barrier to entry, all you need is some Roller Skates and some decent side walks and you can get started.

2. Clean Up Your Diet

You might think you have a good diet, but how clean is it really? How often do you eat takeout, and junk food? You can start by making small changes that over the course of a month or a year can make a considerable difference, such as adding in more fruits and vegetables each day. Or you can try something a bit more dramatic, like implementing a Whole30 diet. The idea of doing Whole30 is to cut out most of the common inflammatory foods and triggers, to allow your body to detox and heal. Many people experience considerably weight loss when doing a Whole30, but beyond that you can see what foods cause issues for your energy levels and digestive system. Many people experience improved mental clarity, energy levels, and less bloating after trying a Whole30. After completing it, you may want to keep certain foods out of your diet to ensure you’re operating at your best.

3. Do a Digital Detox
How much time do you spend on your phone each day? When you combine that with your laptop, any TV time you watch and any Kindle use and you might be surprised by how many hours it all adds up to be. Doing a digital detox can be great for your mental health, but you might be surprised by it impacts your overall health too. When you can’t just default to entertaining yourself on your phone, you’ll become creative with other fun ideas that you can enjoy. This may mean that you’re outside more, or with friends more, or pursuing a new hobby. All of these things can dramatically improve your health, ensuring that you’re feeling your best.

For many of us, 2022 is going to be the year that we take charge of our health again. Hopefully these three tips help you find ways to transform your health and energy.