5 reasons for paranoia in aging parents

paranoia aging parents

Aging is a natural and unavoidable part of our lives; however, as we grow older, many concerns can cause fear, stress, and paranoia. Aging parents have to deal with several mental burdens and tensions that can lead to the development of sometimes irrational fears.

Furthermore, with growing age, physical problems like arthritis, back pain, weakness, and other diseases also start to take a toll on our bodies. If you think of it like this, it is very easy to sympathize with many aging parents. 

Paranoia in aging parents is a topic that very few people speak about. It is essential to raise awareness about things so that we can commiserate with our aging parents and understand their concerns. In today’s post, I am going to tell you about five reasons for the development of paranoia in aging parents. So, keep reading to learn more.

Concern for the well-being of their children:

Our parents are usually very selfless, and even in their old age, one of the main reasons for their stress and eventually paranoia is their children’s well-being. When most parents hit their late 50s, their kids are at a crucial stage in their lives. 

Most of the time, their children will be in their early 20s at this time, which is an especially impactful and challenging time for many people.

Parents want their children to succeed and be happy; however, when they see their kids struggling, they can feel very stressed, which can often lead to paranoia.

Health concerns:

Old age comes with a plethora of diseases and disorders, I guess, is the natural cycle of deterioration; however, for aging parents, their health can be a significant concern. It can be challenging for aging parents to watch their health, especially when they are so concerned about their children’s upbringing.

In some cases, these concerns are legitimate; for instance, in conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, they can sometimes be irrational as well.

Sometimes, aging people have a small problem, and they start to obsess about it and hurt themselves mentally. For instance, they may forget something and start worrying that they are developing Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Both legitimate problems and ones that are manifested through overthinking can lead to chronic stress, which can cause further health deterioration. Therefore, getting regular medical checkups is essential, especially as we grow older, so these unnecessary health concerns can be exempted.

Fear of Abandonment:

As most parents grow older, their children grow and leave home as well. Some might go to college; others may get a job and their apartments. Where parents want their kids to succeed and prosper on their own, they can start to feel lonely when their kids leave.

Some parents may start to fear this loneliness and feel that they might get abandoned by their children and their family. In a few cases, these concerns are legitimate, but in others, they can be classified under paranoia.

Still, no one can blame parents for feeling this way, for most parents, their kids are everything for them, for many years, most of their time is spent caring and worrying about their kids, and when they leave the house and go about their own lives, everything can seem so empty and gloomy, which leads to the development of paranoia in some parents. 

This is a problem that can be easily fixed with a single phone call. Therefore, even if we have our hectic routines and lives, we should take out 5 minutes to give our parents a call at the end of the day. This will help you stay connected, and your parents won’t feel abandoned.

Fear of Death:

I understand this is a particularly difficult topic to talk about. It can be quite heavy to even think about your parents dying, but we need to talk about it. No one is going to live forever, that is just a sad truth that we need to accept.

However, as our parents get older and reach their 60s, they might start to fear death. They may worry about what is going to happen when they are gone. Now death is something that everyone fears, but obsessively worrying about it as some aging people do only gets them closer to it. 

When something is inevitable and unavoidable, why worry about it. The fear of death is irrational, and it can take the shape of paranoia in many aging parents.

Stress is a significant contributor to this type of paranoia and many other disorders. Therefore, aging parents need to take steps to counter day to day stress. One of the best natural ways to do so is by using cannabis.

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Side effects of medications:

medication side effects

Most pharmaceutical drugs have side effects; some might be subtle, while others are more obvious. Paranoia can also be caused as a side-effect of some medications. For instance, if your parents have diabetes or any other long-term disease, they will have to take a lot of medications daily.

These pharmaceutical drugs can lead to side effects like paranoia. Therefore, you should help your parents look for natural and side-effect free treatments whenever possible.

Sometimes medications don’t directly cause any severe side-effects, but people develop an irrational fear of side effects that is equally detrimental.

Final thoughts:

Paranoia and irrational fears are familiar with people of all ages; however, it does seem like older people are more often affected. However, there is a lack of awareness about this, and no one talks about these irrational fears that can have substantial and damaging implications.

Therefore, I have mentioned five prominent reasons why most aging parents have to deal with paranoia. I hope this post increases awareness and helps us take better care of our amazing parents.

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