Black Diamonds – The Best Rings to Make Them Pop in 2021


Strange times call for strange styles, and you can’t get much more mysterious and ethereal than the stunning black diamond. Glamorous and edgy, black diamonds can be a comparatively affordable way to adorn yourself or your significant other with this most coveted gemstone – and with such a range of stylish black diamond rings out there, there’s something to suit everyone.

Contrasting stones
A black diamond is a real statement and a dramatic image. To really emphasize the beauty of the black diamond, pick a design that frames the centre stone with smaller cut traditional white diamonds like the classy designs from Abelini jewellery. As well as adding some traditional sparkle, this combination creates a striking monochrome look that effortlessly mixes edge with elegance.

Double twist rings
Again pairing black diamonds with white, the double twisted design resembling the twist of rope or a braid creates a bold and quirky look that certainly doesn’t fall short on sparkle – these gem coated styles will catch the light from any angle and draw the eye without the design being too flashy in itself.

Contrasting band colour
As well as making a statement out of the contrast between black and white diamonds, a great way to make your black diamond really pop out of the ring is to get one with a gold or rose gold band rather than silver. Although the understated elegance of silver has its place, the bright contrast of black diamonds against brighter metals makes for a luxuriously flashy piece of jewellery.

Simple and timeless
Although the black diamond has endless potential to create truly breathtaking statement rings, sometimes they’re best placed set in a simple plain band. They’re beautiful stones that draw the gaze even alone, and a simple silver band with a single black diamond is sure to intrigue and amaze admirers with its mysterious simplicity.

One of the most unusual stones out there, the black diamond ring can suit anyone. From those looking for a flashy statement piece to those more interested in subtle, dark elegance, black diamonds can be worn to suit any and every occasion and style. Perfect for an unusual engagement ring or simply a stylish addition to your gemstone wardrobe, a black diamond ring is sure to add a little extra something to your look.