Top 5 Custom Headlights for Your Truck


It’s easy to personalize every part of your car, from adding your favorite stickers to your trunk’s door to installing custom floor mats at your feet. If you want to add some more personality to your vehicle without buying a new one, consider customizing your headlights. Here’s how to pick the best one for your setup.

How to Choose Custom Headlights

When you’re going shopping for custom headlights and taillights, it’s important to put your bulb’s temperature and brightness first. Find out how hot your original equipment manufacturer’s bulbs get and how much light they emit. Your custom headlights should match these figures to prevent burns and fires.

You should also keep functionality in mind as you search. Magenta-tinted headlights may be cool, but they’re not great for keeping you and other motorists safe when you’re driving on dark roads. Also, some states have laws against different colored headlights, so double-check your area’s ordinances. 

Tips for Replacing Headlights

When you’re ready to install your new headlights, the process is a little trickier than putting on custom fit seat covers. First, check that your engine is off and that your keys aren’t in the ignition to prevent fires and electrical shocks. Then, look under your hood for your headlight’s housing and press its button to release the wires. 

As you unscrew your headlight, be very careful not to drop it or squeeze it too hard. Also, avoid touching the bulb’s front glass. Once it’s out, screw in the replacement, once again being careful not to touch the bulb. Otherwise, your skin’s oil might cause a small fire as your headlights grow hotter.

5 Best Custom Headlights

For a sleek, modern look, try ORACLE’s LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit. The kit comes with two connectors, bulbs, and LED drivers, so you don’t need to worry about extra trips to the mechanic. It comes in many different bulb sizes.

Spyder’s custom headlights are another good option. These bulbs match your OEM’s requirements for easy installation, and they follow all the Department of Transportation’s specifications. They produce bright white lights, and you can choose between halogen and LED bulbs depending on what look you like.

If you’re interested in the latest CAD developments, order USA Headlights from Anzo. Choose between black, carbon, chrome, and gunmetal housings, and enjoy bright lights that stay strong in extreme temperatures and storms. Different bulbs are available based on your OEM’s regulations, and they include a year-long warranty.

For a little more pop on the road, try a set of eye-catching Spec-D Tuning Headlights. These bulbs work with your current housings, so you don’t need extra parts, and you can choose between projector lights, halogens, and cold cathode fluorescent lamps. All styles have undergone a hermetic sealing process and come with a three-month warranty.

Finally, for a retro look, KC HiLites Halogen Replacement Headlights are your best bet. These round lamps are 7 inches in diameter and include warranties that last 23 years.

Follow these tips to make your headlights safe but exciting.