How to Effectively Manage Stress – The Eric Dalius Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

Eric J Dalius
Eric J Dalius

Entrepreneurs have a tough time setting up their ventures and trying to make it sustainable. The constant pressure on entrepreneurs to deliver on multiple counts is inevitable; however, entrepreneurs who learn to deal with the stress effectively can make their lives much easier. Some effective tips for managing stress by small business owners by Eric J Dalius:

Prioritize Your Tasks

One of the main reasons for entrepreneurs to be stressful is to deal with too many things at the same time leading them to lose control over their time and schedule. The tendency to attempt to attend to all of them simultaneously can result in chaos and confusion and most of the tasks will be left incomplete. The smart thing to do is to rank the importance of all the things that have to be done and attend to them in order of their importance. It is important not to feel overwhelmed at the long list of tasks but to focus on quickly finishing each of them.

A Positive Attitude is Vital, Advises EJ Dalius  

It is natural for small business owners to face a lot of problems and setbacks as they try to establish their ventures and make them profitable. Sometimes, it can get very daunting and you may wonder if you will ever be able to overcome the challenges in front of you. While it is natural that there will be many tasks that are behind schedule, you could be having money problems or vendor issues, etc. it is important not to get bogged down with the problems. To reduce your stress level, think of all the things that you have managed to get right and the milestones achieved recommends Eric Dalius. Make a poster of all the good things about your business and look at it whenever problems tend to overcome you.

Take a Break and Chill Out

Even the busiest of entrepreneurs need to take breaks to prevent burnouts. When you are having a hectic time and going crazy with too many things to be accomplished, sometimes all you need is to take a break for 10-15 minutes and step away from the problems. You will be amazed to discover how this can calm you down and you can get back to tackling the problems with renewed energy. Don’t make the mistake of taking the break at your desk, instead, do something that relaxes you like taking a walk outdoors, drink a cup of coffee, call up a loved one, etc. Every few months, try to take a break of a few days and spend time doing something that rejuvenates you; a vacation with the family, fly-fishing, a trek in the wilds, whatever strikes fancy.


As important as it is to make your startup a success, it is even more important to understand that you can only do it by taking good care of your physical and mental health. Eating balanced meals at regular intervals, taking time out to exercise, keeping yourself properly hydrated, sleeping well, and purging your mind from anxieties are essential to your being able to focus well on taking your business to greater heights.