Why are entrepreneurs and marketers counting on experiential marketing? Insights by EjDalius

Ej Dalius
Ej Dalius

The core objective of business brands and established organizations is to make a profit and expand their customer base. It also means business expansion, more employment opportunities, and market dominance. Two people are indispensable in this task, namely, the marketers and entrepreneurs. When it comes to expanding their business venture, entrepreneurs and marketers often have to work in co-operation. Both study the market trends, the new business intelligence tools and its utility, the effectiveness of business goals, and the like. And in doing that, both unanimously agree on the relevance and benefits of experiential marketing.

Eric J Dalius on experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is a potent tool in the marketer and entrepreneur’s arsenal currently. It provides a real-time, interactive, and enhanced brand experience, which ensures customer loyalty and delight. It can also help in generating revenue and sales. According to Eric J Dalius, preference has a crucial role to play impacting buying decisions. However, there might be a line between sales and experiential marketing, but there is a connection between both. Based on the EventTrack 2016 survey, close to 74% of the consumers shared that getting engaged with a brand’s event marketing experience encourages them to purchase a product.

Eric Dalius on influential marketing benefits

Today, both marketers and entrepreneurs have realized the advantages of experiential marketing. Some of the crucial benefits are:

  • Authentic

Eric Dalius says that experiential marketing provides the customers’ authenticity. It helps to generate two-way communication and adds life to the brand in a distinctive way. The new-age customers are not happy about purchasing anything blindly. They want to probe further and know the reasons for the purchase. Through experiential marketing, customers can know about the brand personality and the salient aspects. It lets them have a holistic view of the brand provides the customers the reasons to make a purchase.

  • Shareable

A brand can generate personalized content from experiential initiatives. They can also depend on the customers to create and share the content. For instance, most customers today make social and digital content based on their experiences and share the same. The outcome is that they act as brand advocates or ambassadors, indirectly spreading good points about a company, its services, and products. It leads to word of mouth publicity which appears more genuine than the crafted reviews.

  • Generates brand content

EjDalius says that experiential marketing completely integrates with a company’s communications and marketing initiatives, especially when it’s about marketing the content. The brands have a scope to magnify their reach and increasing the dollars. It’s done by generating the content from the experiences and by sharing the content in social and real-time media continually. This sharing happens through branded materials as well as websites. Some of the best-branded content is videos and photos that you can get through user experiences and social media posts.

Customers today want to set up a personal connection with their best brands. Marketers and entrepreneurs rely on experiential marketing for this and know that it will help them expand their business and customer base in the days to come.