How Dog Can Help to Reduce Students Stress


Stress is a part of life and a condition that can affect anyone regardless of your age bracket and students are no exception. Student life can be exciting, but sometimes, college life and experiences can be frustrating and challenging.  Mounting academic pressure and social student lifestyle challenges can mean a lot to any student. 

Being able to manage stress is paramount for any student looking forward to succeed academically and for general well-being. Coping with stress in college is never an easy undertaking. There are many incredible ways to go for. However, do you know your dog can help reduce stress? Probably you do, if you know the best canned dog food to feed your furry friend. 

A student may suffer from episodic stress, acute stress or chronic stress, and none of these types of stress is that easy to cope with. However, students can still manage stress. This involves learning how to live a happier life and lead healthier lifestyles. 

Many physicians will advise students to keep a positive attitude, ask them to be assertive, meditate, eat healthy and exercise regularly. All these are incredible ways to manage stress. But relying on your dog’s companionship is an effective way to cope with stress in school or in real life.

Use Dogs to Reduce Students Stress-Everything to Know

With thousands of dog breeds available, it is not just any dog breed you come across can be used to reduce stress. Therapy dogs have been relied on in many learning institutions to help students cope with stress and mental health. The use of dogs to cope with many mental and social complications is not a new thing.

Dogs have been used by many people over the last few centuries thanks to the incredible bonds they establish with human beings. Today, dogs are used to help students in stressful situations, deal with anxiety and mental health situations that might lead to suicidal thoughts. 

Some learning institutions these days allow students to bring their pets to schools and help them de-stress. There are institutions that organize events where students and staff get the opportunity to relax and bond with therapy-certified dogs. 

With this in mind, you may be wondering how dogs help students reduce stress. Here are incredible ways dogs relieve stress that will motivate you to own a pet today. Have a look;

Dogs Inspire Students to Exercise

Stressed students should spend more time with their dogs. They can exercise regularly with their pets as frequent exercise helps reduce depression, stress and other related mental complications. The common ways to exercise with your dog include;

  • Taking a hike
  • Going for a swim
  • Walking to the nearby dog park
  • Jogging or running 
  • Playing catch.

They Lower Blood Pressure 

Students suffering from mental complications are likely to experience a decrease in blood pressure if performing mental arithmetic tasks in presence of their dogs. Spending time with your dog helps you release serotonin and oxytocin; known feel-good hormones that lower stress and anxiety. 

Serotonin is an antidepressant that helps relieve stress. Petting your dog also lowers levels of stress hormone cortisol. 

They Increase Cardiovascular Health

Petting your favourite dog breed can help improve your heart health. In fact, owning a dog is linked with reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is possible due to the scientific claims that;

  • Dogs promote lower blood pressure. 
  • They reduce stress levels.
  • Keep you active all day long.
  • Help decrease cardiovascular risk factors and improve recovery after a heart attack.

They Make Students Feel Less Lonely

College life sometimes becomes lonely and some students lack social friends. Owning a dog can offer a means to evade loneliness and an opportunity to interact with other dog owners. 

They Make Students Laugh More

Laughter reduces stress and anxiety. A friendly dog will keep you happy and increase your feeling of self-worth. As you fulfil you need to touch, you will also stay happier and enjoy life.

To Sum Up

Students suffer from stress and mental complications in college. Many may not know how to cope with such situations, but owning a dog is one of the effective ways to trust.  Owning and petting a dog as a student offers a means to stay happy, relieve stress and anxiety, exercise more and improve your self-esteem. 

This means positive changes towards life, increased class attendance and better relationships with fellow students and tutors. However, don’t just own such a furry friend for the sake of it. Always treasure your dog and spend quality time together.