Top 4 Reasons to Conduct A Pre-Screening During Job Recruitment


It is the norm for every organization to conduct background screening when recruiting new employees. With a well-designed background check, you will most likely reduce the cost of hiring and provide a visible measure of the value obtained. As a result of competitiveness to find employment, it becomes hard for the applicant to provide the most truthful sort out after information. The world in the job market is filled with desperate persons trying to find employment. With background screening, the company will flag out candidates who do not qualify and shift through to find the rightful applicant. To avoid being lied to by candidates that stand at 60%, a third-party scanning approach is vital in implementing a robust solution. 

Enhanced Compliance 

It becomes the easiest way to provide the industry standards that will satisfy the state agency mandates and code of conduct. In most cases, they vary from state to state and according to the job level. An organization that fails to follow due process will get itself into a situation where they could be charged huge fines just due to ignorance and incur legal damages. From a background checkpoint, the process ensures employment eligibility verification and complaint with the set standards.

Work Safety Is Ensured

When background screening is conducted, such as that one done by intercheck, work safety is ensured. It helps reduce theft that might be accomplished by employees and violence as well. Most businesses are failing due to employees being engaged in scandals and related vices in the business halls. Background screening will ensure high-quality hiring and protect organization properties and workers. 

Quality Employees Are Brought Onboard

When asked on a survey, respondents agreed that the quality of staffers brought onboard when following the due process of backgrounding screening. It helps uncover any mischievous acts that may be brought forth by the applicants. Before introducing a background screening, there was the widespread misrepresentation of information several times. Persons who may have committed acts and vices in the past would falsify their resumes. When there are lies, it will result in flawed financial and legal implications for the hiring organization. Future risks are cushioned in good time and help reduce the hiring costs

Enhancing Objectivity

At times, taking a look at only the genuine side of a staffer would cause a dazzling personality in that you would, in most instances, overlook other vital considerations. A good background check would result in objectivity in times of hiring qualified and trustworthy candidates. Aspects of employment screening are unmasked during employment and are, in most cases, the information you can’t gather while conducting an interview. A predetermined interview question framework would cause success in most cases. Similarly, multiple individuals can interview the candidate and make it easier to call into question stringent measures.

You will realize that the benefits of implementing check programs such as adopting the intercheck would help your organization to be within the frameworks of professionalism and up to task within the recent trends.