What do Visitors want to hold, Mobile or Responsive Website?


As we are surviving in a world full of digitizing and now world became fully as a global village. Everyone is holding their smart screens in their hand and using them all the time. Take a view around your place and you’ll surely saw the people with their smartphones no matter where you’re standing, bus stops, hospitals, hotels, universities, and anywhere else. 

According to a statistical survey, it is proved that 90% people of in our community are doing almost all their jobs by using smart devices. Here is the question for web designers. Why these people are not bored by using technology all the time? Yes, because of the website template. 

The website layout, format, and template is properly designed according to customers or visitor’s demand and web designers try to touch their emotions. So, they feel that this website is just designed for them and freshly spend a lot of time on your website. 

How to design a great consultant website?

If you are going to build a website for your business then you must need to have information about the lane on which you are walking. Two main formats are preferably used in designing a consultant website according to business needs. One is Mobile web design and the other one is responsive web design.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design technique or format is preferably used to follow in handsets like mobile phones, tablets, and I pads. In mobile web design, the designer design the website format according to a specific screen size on which the company wants to display it. 

Creating a mobile web design is not as easy as it sounds. You should need to produce a high-quality screening for those who are looking at your site. Moreover, as time passes, mobile web designing is ranking up in an industry that is a good sign for those who are willing to start a new carrier. 

Pros and Cons of a mobile website design


  • Increase traffic.
  • Quick to negotiate.
  • Maintain consistency.


  • Not accessible for all smart screens. 
  • Slower than responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design

In the field of web designing, responsive website designing having its rank and works to maintain the dynamic change on your website’s appearance. It is designed according to all screen sizes no matter where you’re going to display it. Moreover, a responsive web design increases your website reputation on SEO and increases traffic rate and your business demand in the industry. 

Pros and Cons of a responsive website design


  • User friendly or user responsive.
  • SEO optimized.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Take much time in loading or development.
  • Bit expensive. 
  • Less efficient in negotiation.

Which one is best for me?

Selecting the right website design is totally dependent on the carrier for which you’re looking. Mobile website design is used for small purposes or just for hand screens that are typically small in size. While if you are working on the international level then you should need to activate with a responsive website. In case of more quires, you should take a look at Top Notch Web Designers in Pakistan

The Bottom Line

That’s all about the article. I hope you are really happy after reading this article and all your concepts have been clear. I assure that you’ll finally select the best one according to your need. So, why are you standing here? Go and design your website and make your living easier.