What are the benefits of corporate massage programs?

Health Program

Creating a culture of health within organizations is now a major goal of corporate wellness programs. That aims to support and encourage employee wellbeing. Employers know very well how important it is to ensure that their employees. Remain in good health and also create a spirited workforce for delivering high results. They are actively working to implement corporate wellness programs.

Importance of corporate wellness programs

Many chronic diseases and ailments are preventable by taking a holistic approach to implementing corporate wellness programs. Aimed at educating employees about the importance of creating healthy habits and also adhering to wellness goals. This has encouraged employers to give up one-size-fits-all wellness programs. That is more customary and implementation-made corporate wellness programs aimed at individuals to address their specific needs.

Stressful Environments

Often employees find it challenging to maintain work-life balance due to long work hours and working in stressful environments. As a result, their work performance suffers and also affects productivity. They are always stressed out and also suffer from mental fatigue that prevents them from engaging with the work, forget about doing well.


Their sluggish performance affects the overall performance of the business. To overcome the problem, employers are turning to corporate massage programs by offering chair massage to employees at the workplace. The programs like the one provided by Mass Mobile Massage, a company that specializes in corporate massage programs, become a part of the work routine. Employees spend a few minutes with the massage therapist who offers services in relieving physical stress. By massaging the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands, which experience maximum stress when doing desk-work.

Good for employers and employees

Corporate massage programs benefit both employers and employees. While the brief recess from work provides enough stress relief, the main benefit is the relaxation of the body. And mind that re-energize employee for improving performance to push up productivity. Attending a session of chair massage at the office is a significant health booster for employees as they can free. Themselves from the effects of too much stress and tension and get ready to take a new aim at work. With the confidence of delivering better results. Higher productivity makes employers happy as they take pride in their workforce that works with a lot of conviction commitment. And also ready to walk the extra mile to boost productivity.

The attraction of chair massage

Chair massage is the chosen massage therapy for corporate because of the convenience of implementing the program. Within small spaces, while deriving the same benefits of a full body massage at a spa in the shortest time.  Chair massage sessions can last between 15 -30 minutes only depending on the needs of employees, and it produces an instant result.

Work Schedule

The short duration of the session perfectly suits the corporate work schedule, and also it is easy to include it within the work. Routine without the need to put in extra hours of work to make up for the lost time. Shedding a few minutes from the lunch break should be good enough to accommodate the schedule within the working hours.

Massaging technique

The massage recipient sits on a specially designed chair the massage therapist applies controlled pressure on the upper back, shoulder. As well as the hands and arms while manipulating the muscles lightly to relax it and also improve flexibility movement. The massage helps to relax the muscles and take away the weight. From the spine to provide a relaxed and also refreshed feeling that has a calming effect on the mind too.

The benefits of chair massage are similar to those derived from a full body massage at a spa. Let us look at some of the benefits.

Makes employees more productive

Looking at the employer-employee relationship, it is not difficult to discover the underlying give and take the philosophy that encourages employees. To give more to employers who look after them well. When employers look after the wellbeing of their employees, they do not hesitate to give their best as a mark of gratitude for the special care of employers. As a result, there is a marked improvement in productivity.  Regular massage programs keep employees free from stress, and also they can work with increased motivation due to higher mental satisfaction derived from good health.

Lower health care costs

Arranging for wellness programs like massage therapy in offices has a remarkable effect on lowering health care costs. A study conducted to understand the effects of corporate massage programs reveals that it decreased the visits to doctors by 31%. Those suffering from lower back pain and also thereby saved cost on doctor’s fees and also medication.

Decreases stress injuries and compensation claims

In addition to improved productivity resulting from healthy and also happy employees. Corporate massage reduces the incidences of repetitive stress-related injuries that not only increase absenteeism but also more compensation claims. Carpel tunnel syndrome and tendonitis are the most common stress injuries that keep recurring. You can resist them by massage therapy and thereby improve employee attendance and productivity while lowering the compensation bills.

Higher employee morale

Arranging for onsite wellness programs gives a significant boost to employee morale. They are ready to work hard for their employers who take good care of them. It gives them enough reasons to give their best in reciprocation to the good gesture of employers by being more creative and innovative to improve personal productivity, which in turn, boosts overall productivity.

corporate wellness Companies that have a robust corporate wellness program in place earn high respect not only from the employees but also across the industry. It attracts the top talents who are eager to work for the company.