Why Do You Prefer To Spend Your In Holiday Inn New Delhi?


Staying in a three star or five star resort or a hotel is a dream holiday that many of you seek for. You always desire to go to your dream destination and stay in such a place where you will get each and every modern amenities. You are mostly exhausted by the daily chores of your routine life so your holiday planning should be such that is very much relaxing and luxurious also. Holiday inn new delhi international airport is one such hotels which provides you with a dream stay in that place. If you think that the entire process of planning your holiday is a hazardous one then you need to come out of this idea. Previously it was a real pain to plan out for a luxurious holiday in a good place but nowadays if you avail the services of the online travel and tourism companies, you will have a smoothly planned vacation without even facing much issues.

Gone are those days when planning out a vacation at some place with your family and friends was a matter of worrying. Now you can arrange for everything very easily just with a few clicks of your smart phones and computers. If you wish to book a stay at holiday inn new Delhi international airport, you need not worry at all. Everything will be very smoothly arranged and conducted by the travel and tourism companies. All you need to do is to select the mode of transport and the place of accommodation through the websites of the concerned companies and rest everything will be arranged by them only.

Now the question arises that what are the various amenities that you are going to get in this place. Are the amenities worth enough for spending a few relaxing day over there? To get the answers of all these questions, you must go through this article where you will get to know about all the amenities that will allure you to spend your holidays over here.

  • Dining – The most important thing that comes in your mind as you plan for a holiday is the quality of food that is going to be served there. If the food quality is not up to the mark then there possibilities that you may fall sick. So you need to remain very careful regarding the selection of food you are making while you are on vacation. But here in these premium quality hotels, they have their own restaurants and coffee shops from where you can get your food ordered. There are also special diets for the children. Often as you travel with your kids, food becomes a matter of worry because you cannot give them anything stale to eat. In the modern day resorts, where there are all the amenities available, the kids diet will decrease your worries to a great deal. The dining area is also very large and spacious, so if you are having many people with you, you can sit comfortably there and have your meals.
  • Free Wi-Fi – Often you may have faced the problem of getting disconnected from the rest of the world while you are on a holiday. In today’s world you all know how important it is to remain connected with your workplace even if you are spending your holidays somewhere. Also remaining connected with your family members is very important if you are on an office tour. In such a situation, often the internet connectivity is not available in the places where you have been to. As a solution to this issue, there is Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the hotel premises. You can avail that service twenty four seven and hence remain connected with the rest of the world.
  • Maintaining Covid protocol –observing the distressful situation that is prevailing now, it is very important to maintain all the covid protocols including proper sanitization and maintaining social distancing. Here in these hotels, they follow each and every Covid protocol with complete accuracy. Here you get touch free entrance where you do not need to touch any door knob while entering. You can enter through swiping the key card. Also there is contactless room service available here which will keep you away from getting affected by germs and diseases. Apart from all these, there is options for cashless payments available in these hotels through which you do not have to touch the money directly with your hands. You can rather complete the process of transaction through debit and credit cards and other online mode of payments. There is constant use of wipers and sanitizers inside the hotel premises and the staffs are well covered as a part of precaution.
  • Guest assistance- You get each and every kind of guest assistance in these hotels, be the guests are of any age group or any physical issues. There are separate zones meant for the kids, where they are taken care of. Also there is separate arrangement of guests with certain disabilities. It is a wheelchair enabled zone so that people with wheelchairs can also roam around inside and outside the hotel premises at ease throughout the day. Also the excellent staffs help you with carrying your luggage. You do not have to carry your heavy luggage all the way to the hotel room. This will be done by the staffs themselves. In case you are coming from some other part of the country and you are not familiar with the local or the common languages, the hotel staffs will help you completely in this regard. They are comfortable in many languages and hence you will not have any difficulty with languages at all.
  • Modern amenities – Apart from the above-mentioned features, the hotels have all the modern facilities like lift, elevator, spa, gym, air conditioner in all the rooms and corners of the hotel, CCTV surveillance all over, security alarm, car parking, conference halls, marriage halls, massage parlor, cafeteria, smoking zones, etc. which make your stay very relaxing over here.

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