What Does Technology Mean To You?


Technology is something that is part and parcel of our lives, but just became we all have it, doesn’t mean that we all use it in the same way. To different individuals’ technology means different things. To a gambler, it is where they play online casino games and it is their source of entertainment, but to other people, it means something else as well.

As we mentioned above, to different people technology means different things too. To a gambler, it gives them the means to play their games. For a person who is not doing anything at all, it gives them the potential to be more. It works as a gateway for them to be able to be more and do more.

To the creative mind, technology opens up your imagination. As there are various tools that you can use to get creative. And to the overthinker, technology gives you a solution to the different problems that you may face.

To the business person, it works a field where they can connect, and market their company. To the designer, technology is where they get designs for new creations. These are but a few of the professions that we mentioned, but through them, you can all see that technology means different things to different individuals.

Would We Be Able To Live Without Technology?

Now that we have lived with technology it would be close to impossible to live without it now just like online slots. It was a classic case of we never knew what we needed until it arrived. Most of the things that we do today we do through technological advancements. Communication, marketing, banking, even doctors’ appointments are appointments made possible through various means of technology. Therefore, to think that now, after all these we would be able to live without technology, we doubt that we would even survive a day without it.