Tips To Secure Your Home by Doing Simple Things


A man’s home is his castle. With that being said, a castle should be strong and secure enough to defend and resist any kind of intrusion or penetration from any external elements. People look for highly reliable measures and preventions that will help you secure your home, family, and your belongings. You can go the extra mile and add more layers to your home security by using home security devices that can protect your home. Here is a little something that you can do using some effective gadgets to secure and monitor your home

Clear Your Yard And The Entryway

Spend ample time to critically analyze that yard and the entrance points of your home. Is your pathway clear or there are branches and shrubs all around? Examine the lighting system of your estate and make sure it is motion-sensor activated. Also, make sure that the lights outside your home. That stay on are providing adequate light to cover the whole area. To discourage suspicious individuals make sure that the exterior is visible to your neighbors.

Secure the Doors of the House

Doors are the most preferred entrance points for burglars. You can get a good degree of security for the part of your house that is right in front of the street you live in. A patio door with inadequate security measures can be an open invite for miscreants to break into your home. You can add a highly secure electronic lock with a master central lock and connect that to your smartphone. Also, make sure that if you have a letter slot. Then it should be more than 15 inches from the door lock to avoid reach from the internal locking system.

Get a Clear View of the Other Side of the Door

You should know who is standing outside and a clear view of your external area. A good practice is to have a spy hole and this becomes highly necessary if you have kids in the house. There are security gadgets that help you check who is outside of any location by connecting to your smartphone. This is ideal for kids who can’t reach peepholes.

Install Wrought Iron Doors

It is always better to install a wrought iron door in the house. At the front, back or at the side of your house. This adds another obstacle for any intruder looking for a way to penetrate your house.

Add Locking Devices to Your Windows

Windows can become a point of vulnerability leaving your home an easy target for criminals. So it is a better practice to add an automated lock to your window and avoid leaving windows open accidentally. Especially look for windows on the ground floor or the ones that lead to the balconies. If you have bought a new home, install a security system.

It can be something very basic or one of the DIY security systems or the ones. That comes with home automation and professional monitoring. You can find some amazing home security options that can easily fit your budget. If you are confused about which security system you need to buy, pick the one that you are most comfortable with. Evaluate your need and the kind of people who are there in your neighborhood. You can also ask the local authorities and law enforcement agencies. To give you whereabouts about the neighborhood and get you a home security evaluation.

Don’t Forget To Cover the Garage

Your garage can serve as a hotspot for criminals who want to penetrate into your premises. The garage is the perfect breaching point and a place that has most of the good stuff that a burglar might be looking for. Also, this part of the house has all the tools and objects that can be used.

As a weapon or a means to break your doors or windows or anything that is valuable. To you including your car, your favorite tool kit, or any other expensive object. Always lock all the doors and interior and exterior access points before you leave the house or when you go to bed. Also, it is a good idea to keep your garage opener in the house rather than keeping it in your car because any criminal who gets access to your car can have direct access to your garage. You can use access codes and make sure you never enter them in front of people who you acquainted to, or individuals who come at your doorstep to deliver something.

Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Network

The wireless internet in your home is a doorway to almost every financial and personal information that you have. Things that you need to be careful about multiply if you are using home automation systems like this can make your home vulnerable. If your Wi-Fi network is connected to smart home gadgets or if it connects to your home security system, it will give easy access to criminals. It is a good idea to have a secure internet connection by Spectrum. Spectrum gets you amazing internet connectivity and many amazing channels that you can avail by using Silver Spectrum channels. You can even buy your own router instead of renting a Spectrum one, saving you money, saving you money.

Key Takeaways

These were a few security measures that help you keep your family, your property, and your neighborhood free from all criminal activities. Security gadgets and other security appliances to automate your locks and doors and add an extra layer of security to your premises. It is a good thing to stay vigilant and always be prepared for any kind of emergency. So always keep yourself and your neighborhood safe and if you find anything unusual. Going on around you always contact the local authorities and law enforcement personnel for help. 

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