Points to Consider When Shopping for a Weighted Blanket


A weighted blanket looks like a regular blanket, but it tends to feel heavy because of the fillers inside, such as glass beads and plastic pellets. Some of these blankets feature a duvet cover, which you can remove for washing. However, spot cleaning is still the best method to adopt. Since these blankets stimulate your nervous system by applying deep pressure all over your body in an equal amount, you can fall asleep faster. Additionally, the breathable fabric provides the perfect temperature setting to allow you to sleep peacefully. The benefits of a weighted blanket are not a secret anymore.

Both kids and adults find sleeping with a weighted blanket extremely comfortable. If you and your partner are going to share it, look for a king size weighted blanket. It can be perfect for two people. Additionally, consider a few factors that will make your king-size choice most suitable.

How to Choose a King-Size Weighted Comforter

Blanket Dimensions

Although some king-size blankets can be 76″ x 80″, you should search for one that is 90″ x 90″. Its material should be breathable. If you ensure these two things, you may have found the right choice.

The Heaviness of the Blanket

A weighted blanket should be about 10% of your body weight. If you are 150 pounds, you will likely need a 15 pound blanket. Since king-size blankets are larger, you can expect them to weigh about 35lb.

Blanket Fabric

When you consider the options in king-size, you should focus on its fabric, among other things. Breathable and moisture-repelling material is often helpful for beds with two people. Additionally, you can choose to add a micro-fleece duvet cover. It provides plenty of warmth while retaining its shape, even after several uses.

What Do You Need to Know When You Shop for a King-Size Blanket?

When you shop for a weighted blanket, keep three points in mind. First, you want a blanket that matches and supports your body weight (remember, 10%). Next, you have to know whether you sleep hot or cold. If you are a cold sleeper, going with a fleece material can be okay. It will offer you sufficient warmth to help you have a good night’s sleep. Otherwise, you may need a cotton blanket. Lastly, you have to check the dimensions of your bed. This comes in handy when determining the size of the weighted blanket. For example, if you use a king-size bed (with or without another person), a king-size blanket can solve your problem.

Like others, you may struggle with sleep, whether due to a medical condition or something else. But weighted blankets can fix this issue for you. Their deep touch pressure technology promotes peaceful slumber. You will sense an improvement in your stress and anxiety levels over time. And when these things become better, you feel healthy and energetic. Your body aches and pain stop troubling you like before. Nevertheless, you have to find the perfect weighted blanket for your needs to enjoy an undisturbed and comfortable sleep.