4 Reasons I’m Desperate to Visit Canada


There are few places in the world that are as high up on my bucket list as Canada. I feel like it’s one of those destinations that has it all – from some of the world’s best skiing, through to numerous gorgeous national parks and world class hiking. People are friendly, speak English and it’s easy to get around. All you’ve gotta do is book flights to Canada, and then you can start planning all the wonderful things you’ll do. If you’re considering a trip to Canada, keep reading to learn why it’s earned its place at the top of my bucket list.

1. The Great Outdoors
Is Canada the most beautiful country in the world? Well, that’s hard to say, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful places. Striking mountain ranges make for beautiful hiking opportunities but also some of the world’s best ski fields. One of the most difficult decisions you’ll make about your trip to Canada is when to visit – do you try to hit the ski season, where there will be ample snow and bluebell days, or do you go in the summer where it’s more comfortable to be hiking outside? Whichever one you choose, I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful holiday.

2. Craving Worthy Food
Canada is home to a range of different cultures and has a considerable French influence making for a unique mix of food. The most popular dish from Canada is Poutine, which is considered the national dish. It’s basically hot chips covered in thick, delicious gravy and topped with cheese curds or some places have a variation with cheese sauce. Canada is also home to many delicious Maple Syrup brands, so be sure to sample some on your breakfast while there.

3. The Northern Lights
There are only a few countries in the world where you can get a good glimpse of the Northern Lights and Canada is one of those. For the best visibility, I suggest going during the winter months which will tie in nicely if you choose to do a snowboarding or skiing trip to Canada. If you head to the Yukon, you can enjoy one of the longest seasons in the world to see the Northern Lights from August or September all the way through to April.

4. Great Cities
There are some countries around the world that have stunning nature, but their cities leave something to be desired. Canada has a great mix of both and some of the world’s best quality cities. In Toronto, for example, you’ll find some high quality restaurants, world class museums and attractions. It’s also a great base from which you can explore the rest of Ontario.Montreal is extremely scenic and a very diverse city with numerous languages spoken, and French is the official language. Over 70% of residents here speak French at home. The French roots are very evident in this charming city. Vancouver is a beautiful city, and a wonderful base from which to explore some of the most popular mountain ranges.

If Canada isn’t on your radar for travel, you might want to add it to your list. There’s so much on offer in this beautiful country that there’s truly something for everyone there.