So You Want to Buy a Vacuum Cleaner on the Cheap?


Your old vacuum cleaner might no longer be working or it could be that you are a first-time buyer. By just checking online or what is on the market, you might get overwhelmed by all the available choices. While you can easily get away with trying to find the best machine with the latest features, you could end up buying a machine that does not satisfactorily meet your needs. Here are factors to keep in mind when you are looking to buy a vacuum cleaner cheaply to ensure that you get the best bargain. And if you need a good recommendation, be sure to check out

Consider the type of floor that you have

The kind of floors that you have will determine the kind of machine that you go for. For instance, if you have carpeting, then go for an upright vacuum cleaner. In case you prefer a canister machine, then go for one which has a floor nozzle that has a motorized brush roll and you can adjust it to different heights.

If you have tiles or hardwood flooring, then go for a canister style vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming frequency

How frequently you vacuum matters. For instance, if you vacuum a lot, you need to buy a machine that is easy to access and easy to store. If you buy a bulky machine that is hard to operate, it will be more challenging for you to clean it up on a regular basis.


Consider how much you can afford to spend. If you are on a tight budget, compare the prices of different retailers and go for the most affordable option. This ensures that you do not burst your budget but you still get a good quality machine.

How loud is the machine?

Vacuum machines generally make a lot of noise. Generally, the bigger the machine and the more heavy-duty it is, the more noise you should expect it to make. But if loud noises do not bother you that much, then this should be a non-issue.

Make sure to check the specifications of the machine before you buy it. If you prefer quieter machines, go for machines that have low-noise motors and are much quieter when operating.


Consider how much maintenance needs to be done on the machine. If you want your machine to be efficient and to last for a long time, ensure that you maintain it well. If the machine uses filters, you will need to change these filters on a regular basis. There are bagless vacuums that you don’t have to change but you still need to empty the bins.

Therefore, you can easily get overwhelmed if the machine requires too much maintenance. Go for machines that you can easily maintain.

Check reviews

Before you buy any machine, it is important that you check out reviews that have been left by other buyers. This will give you lots of insight as to whether it is a good machine to buy or not.