Upping the Fun Factor of Your Next Road Trip


A big boom is expected in road trips when the current health situation eases, according to travel expert Gabe Saglie. The lower cost, greater freedom, and seclusion afforded by road trips appeal at a time in which it may be a while before air travel gains back its characteristic popularity. If you had you eye set on a European vacation or a an escape to a beach location in Asia but you decide to travel closer to home instead, how can you make the trip as fun as possible while staying safe on the road as well. 

Choosing the Right Vehicle

Whether you have a couple of vehicles at  home or you borrow or rent a vehicle for your road trip, relying on expert opinions on vehicles is a good starting point when it comes to making a choice. Cars these days have a variety of ‘smart’ features that up the safety factor — including automatic distancing from the car ahead, automatic braking, and even automatic reduction in speed and pulling to the side of the road when drivers feel unwell. To ensure the car is as fun as it is safe, it should be big enough to fit all the supplies your family will need to stay entertained without passengers being cramped alongside boxes and equipment. 

Entertainment vs ‘Are We There Yet?’

A good road trip involves the perfect blend of bonding and personal space. One of the funnest things about this type of travel is when the entire family belts out favorite tunes by bands like Queen or ABBA. To make the ride enjoyable for everyone, ask all passengers to prepare their own playlist, to be shared with others or enjoyed on a personal music device when a bit of ‘me time’ is required. For little kids who love watching cartoons or educational shows on their iPad, investing in a tablet headrest is a good idea. These allow you to easily mount your tablet on the car’s headrest, providing those in the back with entertainment. For drivers, a tablet or smartphone car mount can help make it easier to negotiate GPS systems to ensure you stick to the right route.

Fuel Your Body with Yummy Snacks

Take time to make snacks that go beyond a bag of chips. Prepare healthy sandwiches, wraps, and fruit slices; just avoid fruit that is too juicy or other snacks that could potentially stain your car. Make sure to provide a combination of sweet and salty foods, and include a few naughty treats in your food bag. To keep drinks cool, use gel packs or  bottles, which can keep food and drinks cold for literally hours or even more than 24 hours. Keeping drinks in bottles with pull-out straws is a good way to avoid spillage. 

If you have an exciting road trip planned, make safety a priority by choosing a sturdy vehicle with smart features if possible. Make sure that entertainment needs are provided and give top priority to a quality GPS screen for the driver. Finally, don’t forget the power of music and snacks — two crucial ingredients of any road trip that feels more like a party.