Coaching Careers 101: 5 Steps to Becoming a Life Coach


Life coaching is one of the most fulfilling career paths a person can enter. It literally becomes your job to help raise others up so they may lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. At the same time, that’s quite a bit of responsibility.

If you’re interested in becoming a life coach, there are a few steps you can follow to help get you on track and make sure you’re prepared to help people to your fullest.

Join us today as we go through them one by one!

Step 1: Get Into a Good Mindspace

Contrary to what some believe, you don’t need to be perfect to start coaching others. At the same time, you do need to be healthy and motivated enough that you can help people push through their own woes to become their better selves.

Before pursuing this dream, make sure you’re doing it to help others and because you think it’s something you’ll enjoy. Becoming a life coach to try and leave your own anxieties behind isn’t generally a healthy choice.

Step 2: Practice Public Speaking

Becoming a life coach isn’t just motivational speaking but that is a large part of it. To become a good coach, practice motivational speaking until it becomes natural to you. It can be intimidating at first, especially as you try to inspire others to make big changes, but it can also be rewarding.

Step 3: Time to Get Certified

If you think you’ve managed the first two steps pretty well and still wish to be a life coach, it’s time to jump into it. Get trained and certified as a life coach!

The Life Coach School, founded by Master Certified Coach Brooke Castillo, is designed to give its students all the skills they need to become qualified life coaches knowledgeable in a wide array of proven, actionable techniques to help motivate their own students.

Step 4: Start Small, Then Expand

Once you have the skill set necessary to truly coach others, you can get started. You will want to start small so you can build your client base and focus on their specific issues as you master the skills you learned in school. As you get more attention and sharpen your skills, you can increase your scope and the number of people you’re aiming to help at once.

Step 5: Never Stop Learning

Our final life coaching tip is to never stop learning. There is always somewhere you can improve, and that’s putting aside that people and the times can change. The better you get at adapting to the needs of those you serve, the better you can help them!

Interested in Becoming a Life Coach?

If you’re truly interested in becoming a life coach, entering a program like the Life Coach School is a great place to start. The issue with just researching what you need to do online is that you’ll find a lot of conflicting advice and information. Entering a formalized program, which instills in you a particular coaching philosophy and the skills to promote that philosophy, helps you stay focused.

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