Jimmy Kimmel – TV Host, Comedian, and Writer-producer Decides to Chill Out This Summer

Jimmy Kimmel

Handsome Jimmy Kimmel announced on his show that he would like to chill out during the hot, summer months. Just as other talk shows, he has been on Jimmy Kimmel Live from the safety of his home due to the worldwide corona pandemic. He said that now he wants to spend some quality time with his family, and more attention would go to his loved ones at home.

Jimmy being a late-night host for 18 years

Yes, he had been doing shows for about 18 years or so. Besides, he had done as much as 3,130 shows. He said that he is fine as well as his family amid the pandemic. He just wants to take leave for a few months to chill out and enjoy with his family.

Kimmel will become a busy man soon though

Though he wants to take this summer off, he will soon become a busy man again, as it was announced, of late, that Jimmy would be hosting the 72nd Emmy Awards, which is scheduled for September 20, this year.

And because it was about Jimmy, his declaration about taking some time off involved Matt Damon, who arrived and cracked a joke saying that he has been in Jimmy’s guest bedroom all this time. The TV show is continuing on a two-week pause, beginning Monday and next several guest hosts will take the place of Jimmy, while he is away chilling out with his family.

Professional and able people will host the show

According to Jimmy, a procession of extremely competent and kind professionals will host the late-night show. While Jimmy is away, which includes the half-an-hour versions. That Jimmy adjusted to during the quarantine. Several but not Damon will expect his magnificent come back to the show.

Damon robed and with a facemask, slips out of Jimmy’s bedroom and scolds him for taking time off from the popular show, according to a clip from the same show. The two had been engaged in a trick-filled row for many years. It’s fun and cool to watch them on the screen.

Jimmy’s hiatus ends this September

Yes, his hiatus will end this year when Jimmy returns to host the Emmy Awards. Considering the corona epidemic plaguing the US and other nations around the world.

The spoof clip

The spoof clip shows Jimmy and Damon cracking jokes together, as the funny actor scolds. The host for keeping a Tori spelling book in the bedroom, which Matt jokes. That he read it thrice when hiding. Soon after Jimmy’s wife is seen slip out of the same bedroom, also attired in a robe.

Jimmy asks, “What my wife is doing in the room and why she is there?” Matt then walks away wishing Jimmy a wonderful and great summer off. Jimmy too claps and says to Damon that he has a grand summer too. Damon replies he will and he is going into Jimmy’s wife. Hilarious!