Is Your Furniture ‘Junk or Antique’? Insider Tips on How to Make it Work!

Old furniture and other staff at Jaffa flea market district in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel.

In this modern time, anything that is old is considered antique. However, anything to be termed as antique, it should be very old and be available in a limited supply. 

People buy antiques to add to their collection or to enhance the beauty of their rooms.  Antiques provide a very sophisticated and mature look to a room. It can truly set the tone for the place.

Now, something that looks or feels old cannot be called an antique. This is a very big misconception. Antiques have a very high value due to their limited stock and uniqueness. 

Furniture can also be considered antique if it is more than 100 years old or is very rare or one of a kind. However, it doesn’t mean that every old furniture item is fit to be termed as an antique piece. For most products, you will have to rely on furniture removal Fairfield CA services.

Coming back to antique furniture pieces, if you are interested in such items and want to start collecting them, here are some tips on how to identify genuine antiques. We have also discussed  how they should go with your other furniture and room decoration. Read on to know more:

The Antique should fit in

To give the room a sophisticated look, you need to choose the right furniture for it, not just any antique will go with the rest of the room. Filling the house with random antiques will just be chaotic. Be very selective and decide on a particular theme. Design the room accordingly and try to fit in the antiques. 

While choosing an antique, make your pick carefully. Check for damages to the item. Do not, in any case, buy an antique that has been damaged. It’s worth will significantly drop if that is the case. It’s just a few pieces that matter and in reality, only those pieces are most likely to grab the attention of others so keep everything else in the room simple. 

The color palette should be simple

Old furniture goes very well with the color white. It mixes well with the rugged look. Remember the main focus is the antiques. That is why you bought them to show them off and be the highlight. If you want the antique to be the talk of the evening then you need to highlight it. Keep the colors of the cushion rugs, carpets, and walls simple and on the low. Going with bright red and yellow colors will again lead you toward a more chaotic look. there should be small highlights of bright colors to match the tone of the furniture. This is to prevent the room from looking simple and dull.

Be Creative

When deciding where to place your newly bought antique, you need to think differently. Think, why shouldn’t I put this antique cabinet in my bathroom?, or why shouldn’t I have a chandelier of modern design and lighting over my antique dining table?. The only thing you need to look after is that the quality of the antique goes with the rest of the room. The room will not look good if you have an old dining table with scratches and a very rough surface surrounded by new and polished furniture. it will kill the vibe.

Artwork goes with antiques

In some cases, the old does go with the new. A prime example is an artwork with antique furniture. Modern art with antique furniture is the best match. Any piece of artwork, photographs, prints, or painting will go well with a large antique table. It gives a very modern and fresh look to the very old piece of furniture.

Fill up the room with larger Antiques

If you’ve got a lot of space and simply cannot fill it up. Then going with a large antique furniture piece is the best option. Consider a large oak desk or a sofa that will become the highlight of the room and will fill the space.

The 20/80 Rule

The 20/80 rule is applicable in almost every aspect of life and is a very common term in home decorating. It means that you have to choose a primary theme for the house or room. Meaning the room should be decorated based on the color and type of antique that is present. If the antique is a large wooden desk at the center or front of the room. The colors of the walls and the rest of the furniture should not be in contrast with the finish of the desk. 

Lastly, do not overfill your room with many items. When buying antiques, it’s important that you get rid of your old furniture. And for this, you can rely on 3 Kings Hauling and More

We hope the tips provided above help you in setting your desired antique with the right furniture and colors.