5 Reasons You Should Start a Business After Finishing College


Are you tired of having every employer tell you that they’re looking for “experience”, but are unwilling to give the experience to you? Do you have a groundbreaking business idea to share with the world? If so, then you should start a business after finishing college!

Did you know that the famous Raising Cane’s restaurant was initially a college project? The founder created the business after his college professor said that “a restaurant serving only chicken would never work”. The message here? Follow your dreams!

See below for several reasons why you should start a business after finishing college and build your own path to success!

1. Entrepreneurs Learn As They Go

Ask many college students about their long-term goals and some will tell you that their dream is to start a business of their own one day. 

Here’s the golden question: if you have a great business idea, what’s the point in waiting? Many college kids think they have to get experience under their belt before they build an empire, but here’s the secret: every entrepreneur learns as they go.

In other words, you’re in no worse a position than any other entrepreneur that started a business. That founder of Raising Cane’s we just mentioned? He had to throw on a cheap suit and go around pitching his idea to any banker that would hear his idea.

Fortunately, you’ll have an advantage that he didn’t at the time. You can visit Nav here to search for small business loans and give your business the money it needs.

Here’s our point: no entrepreneur has it figured out before starting their business. So in that sense, a 20-year business vet and a college kid start on the same level playing field. What matters is your belief in the idea. Passion and dedication are a deadly combination—in a good way, of course!

2. There’s Never Been a Better Time

Did you know that only 27-percent of college kids ever end up finding a job in the field they majored in college?

However, 86-percent of college graduates end up getting some type of the first job right out of college. Don’t get too excited, though. The term “first job” can refer to a gas station cashier position. Colleges use the term loosely to boost their stats.

So, by those statistics, we can deduce that while there’s a high chance you get an initial job out of it, there’s less than a 1 in 3 chance it’s in your field of study.

Where are we going with this? We actually want these stats to encourage you to start a business instead. If statistics show that you’re not even going to get a job in the field you studied, why not start a career where you can become your own boss?

Don’t have a place to start it? Big deal! Apple and Amazon both started a garage. What’s your excuse?

As Johnny Rose from Schitt’s Creek would say, all you need to start your business is “$2,000 and a dream!”. To be fair, your idea will probably need more seed money than that… but you get the idea!

3. You Control Your Own Destiny

Ask anyone that joined the corporate world after college and they’ll all tell you the same thing: climbing the corporate ladder isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Coming out of college, you’re starry-eyed and motivated to succeed! Then you get an entry-level job and start to realize how many external factors control your destiny.

Do you want to become a VP by the age of 30? You have to be a manager first. Do you want to be a manager? Your current manager has to leave his/her comfy job before that position becomes available. Not to mention the list of your coworkers who also want that manager title.

Use that starry-eyed attitude towards your own brand. Build something from the ground up. Embrace the failure. Roll with the punches. Success is much more fulfilling when you’re the one that started it all!

4. You’ll Only Get More Responsibilities 

Here’s another reason you should start your business straight out of college: you don’t currently have any responsibilities! 

Many people tell themselves they’ll start a business when they’re older. The problem is that life starts to get in the way. You start to have bills, you start to have kids that you need to provide for, you get too comfy in your job. The list goes on and on.

Right now, your plate is free! All you have to focus on is your business and learning all that you can from the brightest minds. Who wouldn’t want that life? Take full advantage!

5. You Can Build New Habits

You’ve already read us use the term “getting comfy in a position” twice. How does that happen? It becomes a habit. People start to go through the motions. Does that sound like a fulfilling life to you?

If you start your job straight out of college, you can begin building healthy habits to set yourself up for success. Get up early, go on a run, hone your craft, network all day, focus all your time and money on your business.

Of course, there’s also the temptation of building lazy habits that you will have to overcome. Once you do, nothing can stop you!

Build Your Business After Finishing College

Now that you have seen all of the different reasons why you should start your business idea after finishing college, what are you waiting for?

Start by building a business plan to make your idea more realistic. There are several helpful guides and templates you can use for free online.

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