What Being Outdoors Will Do For You Overall Health… You’ll Be Surprised


Whether being at work, in the car, or simply sitting at home, we spend the majority of our days in enclosed spaces. And if you’re an “outdoorsy” person, spending that much time indoors is pure misery! 

According to the EPA’s National Human Activity Pattern Survey, we spend 90% of our time indoors! So when you spend that much time enclosed, your body will naturally crave time outdoors, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

When you’re at work, consider taking a 15-minute break to step outside and go for a walk. Or if you have a 30-minute lunch break, consider sitting outside to eat. The point is that each day, you need to make it a point to give your body outdoor exposure because it will do so much for your body.

If you have allergies, you can take care of them with eye drops, nasal sprays, antihistamines, and inhalers. And while your allergies may give you setbacks when you’re outdoors, it’s a guarantee that the positive effects of being outdoors greatly outweigh the negative effects brought on by allergies.

So, whether you’re an outdoorsy person or not, take a look at all the health benefits your body can get from being outdoors.

Health Benefits of Being Outdoors

Reduced Inflammation

When was the last time you went out to your backyard and walked around barefoot? If you’ve never done it before, you’re missing out on some great benefits. This art of walking outside in the grass is called “earthing” or “grounding.” What many people don’t realize is that our bodies are packed with damaging free radicals that are direct causes of chronic inflammation. By walking barefoot outdoors, you’re allowing the ground (Earth) to neutralize those damaging free radicals in your body, thus, reducing chronic inflammation.

Reduce Stress

How much “me time” do you get on a daily basis? If you’re anything like most people, you probably don’t get as much as you should. A study showed that if you get at least 43 minutes of time to yourself to relax, it can do as much as lower your blood pressure and heart rate. The best way to do that is to create an inviting outdoor living space away from “it all.”

If you have a nice patio area outside, why not take the time to create an outdoor living space that you can call your own and dedicate it to the much-needed “me time” your body craves? The addition of a fire pit, patio furniture designed for comfort, and a good book or glass of wine, all makes for the ultimate retreat your mind and body needs, and can all be found right in your own backyard.

Helps Reduce Nearsightedness

Did you know that adults that work in front of computers on a daily basis are at a much higher risk for “computer vision syndrome?”  Computer vision syndrome is a condition that causes stress, headaches, and eye strain from over-exposure to computers. Unfortunately, this is a condition that most people can’t avoid because working on computers is part of most people’s jobs. 

But not all hope is lost. The simple act of “unplugging” and reducing your screen time by spending more time outdoors has been shown to reduce the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. 

So, if you have created your outdoor living space to have your much-needed “me time,” be sure to leave your phone or tablets out of sight. After all, how can the outdoors help your vision if you simply bring screen time outdoors? During this time, you need to give your eyes a break and focus only on the beauty of nature.

There’s so much more to being outdoors than getting a tan or having barbecues. Look at your outdoor living space as an outdoor retreat. You don’t have to go far to relax and have peace of mind. With the right essentials and dedication to self-care, you can heal your mind and body from the inside out simply by spending more time outside.