Benjamin Gordon of Cambridge Capital briefs how to grow your real estate business during the COVID 19 pandemic

Benjamin Gordon
Benjamin Gordon

Everyone is aware of the Coronavirus pandemic impacting all sectors of the economy, and without a doubt, real estate is one of them. Property owners are refraining from showcasing their houses, Investors are hesitant about seeing homes, and there is little scope of new business opportunities during the pandemic. Everyone is anxious about escaping from the clutches of the deadly virus. However, you must call to mind that your property business need not shut down in such trying times. However, you must modify your business techniques to adjust to the new normal.

Here are a few strategies for clients and agents to maintain their connection and allow their real estate business to grow during this pandemic

According to Benjamin Gordon of Cambridge Capital, Social Media plays a crucial role

It is essential to make use of social networking sites for real estate business during these unprecedented times. There are plenty of people using social media globally; hence it is worthwhile to showcase your business on social media. Clients go through the websites’ content; they follow various real estate tips and appreciate property owners’ tips on staying safe and secure during the pandemic. You must post good quality content regularly to gain your client’s attention and provide the latest updates.

Take your clients on a virtual trip to your house

Although social distancing norms have restricted home touring and open houses, real estate owners can use their creativity and skill to establish connections with prospective buyers virtually. The internet is the hub for choosing a home. According to Benjamin Gordon of Cambridge Capitalduring the outspread of the virus, realtors can make use of attractive videos of their house, thus taking the clients on a virtual tour. In the competitive estate market, this can work as a great selling tool. The novel Coronavirus has brought all lives to a standstill. Posting such tours during such trying times may impress your client and change them into prospective buyers.

Provide your clients with pertinent information about real estate

The pandemic may stop you from meeting your clients, but you still have a chance to share tips about real estate that can be helpful for them.

You can post guidelines on the following

  • Use methods to safely showcase homes for sale
  • Make the house attractive to clients
  • You are showcasing your house on a budget

 Your posts and articles might be impressive to the clients, and they may feel you are an expert in the field.

Provide a solution to people concerned about the virus

You may have clients interested in buying your property but are apprehensive due to the current situation. Take out time to satisfy their queries. Ask them questions and analyze how you can make them comfortable in buying your house.

 Take a look at some of the overwhelming situations that clients are under

• Anxious about strangers visiting their property.

• Apprehensive about buying a house that has been in the market for a long time as it may have the germs from the virus.

• They do not want to see the house because they are worried about contracting the virus.

You must ensure that you will scrutinize these points well and offer solutions that will gratify your client.