Top Places For The Best Holiday Vacation

Best Holiday Vacation destinations

The best memories are made on the best holiday vacations. In times like this, there’s the holiday there’s money, all that’s left is that best holiday destination. In search of the best holiday vacation destination that you can explore this season? We have a list for you. There are some places to visit for an out-of-the-world experience. To visit these destinations, some tourists may need a travel visa depending on their passport. For example, a Schengen visa is required to visit France and you need to submit required visa documents such as flight reservation, confirmed hotel reservations, and travel insurance to apply for a visa. If you just need to leave it all behind, the stress, the extra workload, and your environment, or maybe you are just a curious soul, looking for new places to visit and adventures to carry out.  Here is our list of some of the best places for the best holiday vacation ever listed in no particular order.


It is not called the city of light for Nothing. If you are looking to have the best holiday vacation ever, then you have got to visit Paris. The holders of the Eiffel tower didn’t just stop at that; there are so many other attraction centers in Paris. The Louvre museum, the Montmartre, Tuileries Garden, and the famous Catacombs of Paris are just a handful of places that will leave you in awe after you visit them. Of course, you cannot leave the glorious city without visiting Disneyland. Combining all these with excellent cuisine and wine, you have got to give it to Paris. Looking for the best holiday destinations? Try Paris; you’ll never regret it.


In 2018, Dubai received about 15.79 million visitors, claiming a large number of the world’s visiting population.  If you need the best holiday destination, try Dubai. Asides from holding the world’s tallest building called the burg Khalifa, there is also the butterfly garden to drool over. If you are going to shop during your vacation, why not do it in the world’s biggest shopping mall which is located in Dubai. With plenty more attraction centers located in Dubai, it is definitely among the world’s best holiday destination countries.


Seeing the Grand Palace of Bangkok will make your day. Thailand is one of the best vacation destinations to visit this summer. It has the white temple and the silver temple, which are both wonders. Hiking is definitely on your to-do list this summer, so do it at the Doi Chiang Dao. You can also visit Emerald Lake and the Red Lotus Sea to highlight your vacation experience.


You can’t go to Greece without visiting the Greek Islands. And Mykonos is known for being a favorite among the rich and famous, the white houses and stunning beaches make it a great place for any traveller to go to, for the best experience try renting out luxury villas as the atmosphere, view and feel is better than a hotel. Also, make sure to try eating out, as some of the best restaurants in Greece are located in Mykonos.


The Italians understand the necessity of having fun.  There is a whole lot of best vacation destination in Italy.  Exploring the ancient city of Salerno, Visiting the tranquil beaches of Amalfi Town, Hiking at the Torre Dello Ziro, and of course trying an Italian wine will give you one of the best vacation experiences. Try Italy.


Bali! Bali is a place you must visit. It is characterized by mountains, lakes, temples, and beaches. It has inviting tranquility about it that makes it one of the best vacation destinations.  Famous for the Ubud Monkey Forest, Mount Batur, and the Marine Park, Bali is a destination spot you have to visit.


In the eastern part of Africa is a beautiful place called Seychelles, which is indeed the best vacation destination.  Hiking at the Anse Major Trail will make your day. There’s plenty of sun and a perfect beach view in Seychelles so you might want to pack a swimsuit. It is Summer, after all.


Switzerland is also the best vacation destination for you.  Visiting the Klein Matterhorn and taking a ride on the Gornergrat railway, being in Switzerland for a vacation can blow your mind.


The list will be incomplete without mentioning London. If you love to meet people, and you do not mind a busy street, then you have to visit London. The famous Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London is a must-see destination. For the best vacation destination experience, visit during the warm months, like the summer. London has a lot of artifacts and historical monuments. Try London for the holidays.


The La Sagrada Temple of Barcelona is quite a sight. There are lots of medieval architecture in the Barri Gotic. The La Barceloneta beach is just perfect for the sun. Other places that make Barcelona one of the best vacation destinations are the Joan Miro Foundation which is a modern art museum, the Tibidabo Amusement Park, the camp Nou Stadium and lots of other fascinations.


Famous for its carnival experience, Rio de Janeiro is spot on. An afternoon in Christ, Selaron, and Sunset at Sugarloaf is definitely worth it. Other destinations are the Imperial Palace Cultural Center, the Escadaria Selaron, Tijuca National park, and lots of other places.

The Bottom Line

So, come on, get that ticket, and get going. Don’t waste precious holidays when you can be in one of the best vacation destinations in the world.

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