Tips To Save Money On Travel With Your Credit Card


Saving money on travel seems like a misnomer; a paradox of sorts. But it is true that if you pay for your travel related expenses using your credit card, you can save precious money. No, it is not only about raking in points or miles; it is much more than that. It is about taking smart advantage of all the travel-friendly benefits offered by your card – and some more.

There could be baggage fee waivers, or insurance payouts, but that’s not all. Here are some tips to help you save money as you merrily use your credit card.

Cashing In Credit Rewards

If you have been doing all your general purchases on your credit card, you may have accrued ample reward points. Travel time is as good as any to cash all those points. These points can easily be redeemed when you use your credit card to book your air tickets or your hotel room. The best part is that most airlines and hospitality companies have tie-ups with credit card companies to offer you the best price. Sometimes discounts too are offered, so do good research first.

Additional Perks

The beauty of spending through credit cards is that many allied costs such as checked baggage fee etcetera get covered. On top of that you get access to the airport lounges and get free meals. You also save on in-flight meals, and may get upgraded to a higher class. In this manner, you either reduce your costs while traveling or get to travel better by spending less.

More frequently you fly, more often you use your credit card, better perks you enjoy.

Miscellaneous Discounts

Some credit cards let you book an additional air ticket or hotel reservation at a discounted price. These are called two-for-one deals or card with companion benefits.

Some cards waive off the foreign transaction fees, which can be a great saving. Some cards offer trip cancellation insurance.

Balance Transfer

Balance transfer is an interesting way to play around with two or more credit cards. Thus you can take credit on one and pay debt on the other. In the process you get more credit for much longer. And you also accumulate more reward points.

Credit cards save money when the debt from a high interest credit card is moved to another credit card which charges lower interest rate. Many of these balance transfer cards also have an introductory period, which is interest free.

Safe Travels

Credit cards offer safety of your precious money when you are traveling. Even if you lose your card, and someone makes purchases on your card, it will not be your responsibility. However, you must inform the theft of your credit card as soon as you discover that.

Credit Cards Make Sense

Once you start saving money on your purchases made on your credit card, you will value your card more. And combining a handful of cards can help you take advantage of the rewards all the more.

Be Cautious

Like any smart traveler you must be cautious of overspending on credit. Pay your credit card bills in full when you can. Keep tabs on your budget. Use all the travel-friendly benefits of your card. Make sure that you know all about these benefits before you embark upon your travel. Use the right card at the right time. Be a responsible credit card user.

Credit card is the undisputed king of the travel world. Don’t wait for using your credit card for big purchases. Use it for everything that you buy. Use it whenever possible.

Credit cards don’t get you into debt, faulty spending habits do. So spend judiciously. And reap all the benefits that your credit card offers without going into debt. Learn more-  Travel “write for us”