All you need to know as a new driver


You know all the basics, so now it’s time to hit the roads independently. Becoming a new driver is an exciting and fun experience, as the roads ahead await you. But when it comes to getting in your car without your instructor, there’s still a few things that can help you become a more experienced driver.

Building confidence on the road and getting to know your car

Before you even begin driving, it’s important to get used to your new car, especially as it’s likely to be different to the one you’ve learnt in. Make sure the mirrors and seat position are adjusted accordingly, and get to grips with where all the relevant buttons are and what they do.

Now it’s time to hit the road, and the best way to become more confident is to drive on your own. You’ll be used to being with an instructor, so driving alone helps to prepare you in the best way for becoming a more experienced driver. If you like, drive on your own when you expect the roads to be quiet, until you’re ready to drive at all times of the day.

Pass Plus driving lessons

Your practical test is only one aspect of your complete driving experience, so you may feel unprepared to traverse the roads across the country, as well as driving in different conditions. For help passing the practical test there are online practice tests you can take to ensure you get your driver’s license on the first try.

Bill Plant Driving Schooloffers Pass Plus driving lessons, which are additional lessons from an expert instructor to help you learn how to drive on motorways, in varying weather conditions and at night.

In these kinds of lessons, you’ll learn how to control your vehicle in heavy rain or ice, as well as the multiple stopping distances for adverse weather conditions. You may also have passed your test during the summer, so not experienced night driving yet. Through these lessons you’ll learn about correct type of lights, parking and other elements of driving in the dark.

If embarking on a countryside road trip is on your driving bucket list, then after a Plus Pass course you will be confident to drive on all kinds of roads, including rural lanes, town roads and dual carriageways.

Must have gadgets and accessories for first time drivers

The car is only one element of your driving experience, and there are various gadgets and accessories that can make your journey easier and give you more confidence in the car:

  • Portable jump starter kit

As a new driver, being in the car can be fun, but also a bit scary when your ill-prepared. With a portable jump starter, you can be rest assured that you’re not fumbling around with a pair of jumper cables or reliant on another car to kick start your engine.

You can leave this compact gadget in the boot of your car, and with advanced battery technology, heavy duty cables and clamps all featured in one device, you can be back on the road in no time.

  • Black box

This device is something that can be installed when you take out your first car insurance policy. Usually coming in a small and discreet size, it’s placed in your car to collect information about your driving habits. This can help adjust how much you spend on your insurance, and reflect your driving more accurately – as rates can be quite high for new drivers.

  • Dashboard cameras

Car accidents do unfortunately happen, and are more likely to happen to new drivers compared to more experienced ones. However, if an incident does occur, it isn’t always your fault. To be best prepared for this situation, install a dash cam into your car, which can record footage of what happened, as well as note your GPS location.

The latest devices can give you views of both the front and rear of your car, as well as including sophisticated tech such as touch-screen mirror dash cams, or voice operated devices.

  • Mounted phone holder

Nowadays, we use our phones for everything, including when we’re driving – from playing music to using as a satnav. But as a new driver, it can be easy to get distracted, so creating a hands-free way to use your phone is the safest way to drive.

A phone holder can fit easily onto your windscreen or into the car vents, and can include features such as flexible arms or rotation to easily see the screen. Some inventive products, like the Vanmass range, offer phone mounts that double up as wireless chargers!

With these handy gadgets, and our top tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a more confident and experienced driver.