Life In Your 20s


life in your 20s. Confusion, mood swings, over-thinking, fun, and maturity. This is the most exciting time of your life; at the same time, it is the most crucial. Being in your 20s is starting a different phase altogether. You notice the change in you the day you clock 20. You start restricting the amount of fun you have because ‘C’ mon, I shouldn’t be doing this.’ You become more careful, you start thinking thoughts that never crossed your mind before now. Then, there’s one more thing, fear. Your heart misses a beat each time you think about the next step to take. Relax, you are not crazy, and you are definitely not alone.

A research was carried out by Census wide on behalf of LinkedIn, and studies showed that 59% of people in their 20s feel unsure of what to do next in their career or life. 32% are not yet pursuing the career they want, and 33% have not achieved their personal goals. You see, you are not alone. There are a lot of people who make mistakes in their 20s and get their lives working very well by 40. On the other hand, for some, once you miss it in your 20s, your chances are low. This is why you must know your capability and what you can handle. Here are some things you need to know about life in your 20s.

Do It Now

Now is the time. There is no other time better than now. In your 20s, you are most likely a college undergraduate or a fresh graduate. This is just about the highest freedom you’ll ever get. In a couple of years, you’ll have an extra job to do, someone’s fees to pay, an extra bill, someone to coach, possibly a spouse and kids to attend to. Then, you’d have others to consider before making decisions. Now, you just have yourself. This is the best time to travel, learn something new, try out things, and make connections. Life in your 20s should be more about taking risks. Do it all now, because in a few years maybe you’ll have more money, but you may not have the time. 

You Will Fail

Failure is simply a stepping stone. Failing means you can try again. The business you had so many hopes on may crash, the friend you loved so much may leave, the relationship you thought was your last, may end. You must understand that life in your 20s entails a lot of selections. There are some weights you must drop in order to move up. Some things just don’t work the first time. Everyone you see leading the world now has a failure story. In your 20s, you must learn to embrace failure. Failing is normal; it is what you do afterward that matters.

Invest In Yourself

And I don’t mean only financially. In your 20s, you should invest in every aspect of your life. This is when you try to act mature, but you still need one or two lessons. You can teach yourself courtesy and good character. Learning how to manage a family can help. Whatever skill and knowledge you can pick up, you should. Life in your 20s involves a lot of reading, asking questions, and learning. A lot of people in their 20s hope to get jobs sooner or later, but they still lack the qualities employers need. What are you doing about that? Are you simply waiting, or are you prepared and waiting? Now, let’s go back to financial investments. I know you think you have all the time to make money, but you don’t. Now is the time to learn how to save. If you can’t save a thousand, you can’t save a million! That business plan you wrote will probably change in some years from now but write it anyway. Invest! Learn something!

Mind Your Own Life

In your 20s, you will see a lot of your mates to compare your life with, don’t. Life in your 20s is not a competition about who makes it first. You are your own competition. So, compare yourself now with yourself 2 months ago instead. You must understand that we all have our paths and our different stories, follow yours. Comparison can ruin you in your 20s. Your self-confidence, your money, and you’re worth can be affected by comparing. Learning to mind your business and celebrate others are skills you must acquire in your 20s.

You Must Try Again

It is what you do after failure that matters, not failure itself. The truth is life in your 20s will be filled with mistakes and errors. Your plan might be excellent, but without the right experience, it will fail. So, you must learn to try again!

The Bottom Line

Life in your 20s is very interesting and important. You have the keys, use them wisely, and if the doors don’t open, try again.

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