5 Really Cool Andriod Apps You Never Knew Existed


Android lovers and users, get in here! There are so many cool Android apps that make life easier today. The best part is that you may not even know of their existence. Since the introduction of Android Apps, life has unarguably been made easier. Your mobile banking apps, social media apps, mobile bible, and lots of other daily apps you use every day are all living proofs that cool android apps exist. Imagine what life would look like without these lifesavers! However, there are some of the best android apps of 2019 that you are clueless about. Of course, this article is here to the rescue. Here is a list of some of the best android apps which happen to be really cool android apps and promises to get you running to your android app store to get them right away.


Everyone needs a proper reminder and daily planner. One of the cool android apps that came with 2019 is Sectograph. With a 4.7 star on google play and over 1 million downloads, Sectograph has proved to be one of the best android apps of 2019.  It is a single time tracker that manages your to-do list throughout the day. Also, It has a clock-like feature which is sectioned according to your plan for the day. Furthermore, It simply takes all your events from your google calendar and places them accordingly on the timer, then reminds you visually when the time comes. One of the cool android apps which helps you keep to time, conveniently countdown, and monitor daily affairs. Get spectrograph and stop apologizing for forgotten birthdays. What’s more? Join the league of cool android apps users.


If you want to cultivate a new habit or you want to drop a bad one, there is an app for you, and it’s not just any app, it is one of the best android apps of 2019. The habit tracker app is your go-to place. All you need to do is set up a habit that you either want to drop or pick, the tracker sets a reminder for you, and then you watch your daily streak increase. It is just like a game, only this time you are in a competition with only yourself. Trying to maintain perfect streaks and at the same time breaking a habit of picking a new one makes Habit tracker one of the cool android apps existing.


Fast charging is one of the cool android apps you have to get.  We all know how frustrating a low battery can be. You also know how important it is to make your phone charge faster. With Fast charging app, you can get your android phone to charge even faster, extending the phone operating time from 1 to 4 days and increasing the charging speed by 50%. All that is needed is to download and install the app and use it to charge your phone.


This is one useful app to have. If you have ever had your phone play songs from inside your pockets in a quiet place on its own, then you understand that this is one of the cool android apps you need in your phone. The touch protector app simply prevents unintended touch operations from happening. There are so many uses of this app. When you touch the phone with wet hands, a touch protected phone can prevent any malfunction from water. Also, things like changing your music, shifting your GPS on the google map and preventing your whole photo album from being watched by a stranger are possible. One of the best apps of 2019; all you need to do is download, install, and join the cool android apps users around.


If you use more than one android device, then you know the struggle of receiving your notifications only on your primary device. Bridge is definitely one of those cool android apps you need in 2019. This app enables you to receive the same notification across all your devices. Asides receiving, you also get to reply, like or whatever you would do with your primary Android device. Amazing, right? Bridge is one of the best and cool android apps of 2019.

What is the need of owning a smart android phone without fully utilizing all these super cool android apps?  These apps are here to guide you on everything, including your personal health and life goals.

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