3 Tips for Hosting a Birthday Party During COVID-19


Unfortunately it seems like COVID-19 is here to stay for a while, and we’re going to have to adapt to this “new normal” while we try to minimise our risks and still moving forward with our lives. If you have a birthday coming up, or a birthday of a loved one, you might be wondering how best to celebrate during these strange times. The truth is with a few small adjustments you can have a wonderful celebration while keeping everyone safe. Here are my top 3 tips for hosting a birthday party during COVID-19.

1. Send Out Clear Invitations
Birthday invitations are going to be more important than ever, because it’s a way you can set out any rules or restrictions you’re going to uphold during your party. You might want to request everyone wear masks, for example, or you might want to make it clear that you’re choosing to have a party outside to maintain social distancing while gathering together. Sit down and think about what kind of things you can implement to keep everyone safe, and then find a way to incorporate it nicely into your invitation. If you’re looking for somewhere to order beautiful invitations, check out Basic Invite and their extensive range of customisable options.

2. Limit Your Guest List
I know it’s hard picking and choosing between your closet friends and family members, but one of the best ways we can minimise the spread of the virus is by limiting our social circles. You’re going to have to figure out what works for you, but quite simply the less people that come the less chance there is of someone bringing the virus to your party and spreading it around. Stick to those you absolutely couldn’t imagine celebrating without or people that you’ve been regularly seeing anyway, so you’re not expanding your bubble too much.

3. Make Small Changes
If you would usually set up a buffet station for lunch, consider placing portions of the food on each table so people don’t need to mingle as much. If you would usually do something at home, why not take your celebration outside and have a picnic style celebration where people can gather on their mats, enjoying time together while still maintaining distance. There are small ways you can keep people separate, while still enjoying celebrating the birthday together. The changes you can make will depend on where you live and what options you have, but trying to keep a bit of distance will make a world of difference right now.

Having a COVID-19 birthday doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate, use these three types to have a fun and creative birthday that doesn’t put you or your family’s health at risk!