4 Lighting Tips to Transform Your Home


We’re living in such unusual times, which means many of us are spending more time at home than ever before. If you’re anything like me, then this extra time at home is probably making you think about the ways you can do small DIY projects around your home to make it more comfortable. One of the best ways to transform your home without spending a small fortune is to upgrade your lighting. Adding an oriental feature lamp or two can be a great way to completely change the feel and look of a room, and can be one of the most affordable ways to add more personality to your home. Likewise, smart switches or bulbs can also help you have a more functional home and you can find a great deal online. Here are my top 4 lighting tips to transform your home:

1. A Feature Lamp
There’s nothing quite like a special lamp decorating ideas to transform the mood of a room. My favorite places to add lamps are in bedrooms, offices, and the living rooms. I tend to choose lamps that I can use to soften the light into the evening, making it more comfortable for reading a book in the low light or watching a movie without bright lights competing with the screen. If I’m working late into the evenings, I tend to reduce my computer’s light and switch to a lamp to be gentler on my tired eyes. Although I favour a more minimalistic furnishing approach, having a beautiful lamp with intricate details is a lovely way to add some light patterns to your home. An oriental pendant lamp can cast beautiful shadows on the wall that almost appear to be a work of art, creating such a special mood. If your rooms are missing a little bit of pizazz, then a decorative lamp can be an easy, beautiful way to add more personality to your room.

2. Smart Bulbs or Switches
Technology continues to evolve rapidly and is finding its way into all areas of our home, including in the form of smart bulbs and switches. The thing I love about smart lighting is that you can usually control it from an app on your phone and you can also set up timers so that they go on and off whenever you’d like. There are so many options on the market I couldn’t discuss them all, but my suggestion would be to think about the areas around the home where this would be of most benefit for you. We’re currently building a home and I’m planning to set up all the downstairs living lights as smart lights so that if I forgot to turn them off when I go to bed I can quickly turn them all off with my phone without having to go back downstairs. Likewise, I plan to set up my outdoor lights to go on and off at certain times. There are endless possibilities but I think having smart lights can be a great addition to any modern home!

3. Don’t Neglect Your Kitchen Lighting
Kitchen lighting can make a huge difference to not only the look of your home but the functionality, too. Many people make a big mistake with kitchen lighting, which is putting the lighting over the standing areas instead of the workspaces, meaning that the areas you tend to do most of the cooking and cutting are actually very poorly lit. If you find it hard to see properly in your kitchen during the evening, then it might be worth investing in a new lighting system. Try to focus your lighting efforts on the areas of the kitchen you really need to see, such as above the counters, on top of the stove, and your dining table. This will make your kitchen a lot brighter in your workspaces, and improving the overall feel of your kitchen.

4. Consider the Bulb Colour, too
Bulbs come in different colours and then of course there are warm bulbs and cool bulbs. They also come in different watts, and then of course there’s the choice of traditional bulbs, LED bulbs, or even colour changing bulbs. There are so many bulbs out there on the market that you are probably spoiled from choice and maybe even a little overwhelmed. As a general suggestion, you’re going to want to choose warmer bulbs for areas you want to relax in, such as the bulb in your feature lamps. For spaces where you want to see very clearly, such as in the bathroom near the mirror, or in the kitchen, you’re going to want to choose bright, white bulbs. If you’re feeling a little brave, why not install a colour changing bulb in your bedroom? That way you can change the colour to suit your mood and enjoy a rainbow of colours!

Lighting plays a huge part in how functional our home is, how relaxing it feels, and how we feel about it. Investing in good lighting and lamps is one of the best choices you can make for ensuring your home is as comfortable as can be!