3 Healthcare Careers With Amazing Growth Opportunities


Are you wanting to start your career in healthcare?

A career in healthcare can be very rewarding as you’ll be a go-to person to help people get better. Healthcare workers are caring, emphatic, and have the instinct to help people. They’re also some of the most respected professionals in society.

But which healthcare careers offer the most growth potential? After all, you’ll be in this profession for decades so you don’t want to feel stuck.

In this article, we’ll breakdown 3 of the best healthcare professions for continued growth. These roles will allow you to change direction throughout your career.

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1. Massage Therapist

If you’ve ever seen Friends, then please don’t think all massage therapists struggle for work and have to sing in coffee shops for extra cash.

Massage therapists are now in high demand as people start to realize the benefits of massages. Having a massage helps you to relax which is great for your mental health. And this is becoming self-treatment for people with anxiety and depression.

As a massage therapist, you could work for yourself or be employed by a spa. Also, if you become good enough, you may be asked by celebrities or sports professionals to travel with them as their personal masseuse.

Massage therapists can earn over $60,000 a year which makes it a lucrative profession.

2. Home Health Aide

Due to the fact that people are now living longer, the need for home health aides has increased. More and more elderly people need in-home help on a daily basis.

The role of a home health aide is to help people prepare meals, wash, take medicine, and help with their schedule. The physical abilities of patients can vary so some may be bedridden.

One of the great aspects of this role is you will be meeting new people and traveling around.

3. Dental Assistant With Expanded Functions

Last on our list is a dental assistant with expanded functions.

If you’ve ever been to the dentist, and we really hope you have, you should have met a dental assistant. Dental assistants give support to your dentist whilst they examine your teeth. They’ll hand them instruments and ensure you’re ok.

But, dental assistants with expanded functions can do much more than this. Some of their extra roles include polishing teeth, creating impressions, and taking x-rays.

Therefore, if you’re interested in becoming a dental assistant but want extra responsibility, then this role is ideal for you.

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Healthcare Careers With Growth Opportunities

We hope you have enjoyed reading our article and it has been informative.

As you can see, there are several healthcare careers that offer fantastic growth opportunities. This will ensure you can keep learning and grow throughout your career.

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