8 Reasons to Consider Leather Jackets to Make A Style Statement!


Each week, we see something new trending in the city, some new fashion style that is the talk of the town. Some fashion trends go so viral, they rapidly across international borders. Recent popular examples include high-waisted pants, mom jeans, statement sleeves, and more!

You know how they say ‘style is a way to say who you are without having to speak’ Who doesn’t want to look good, especially if a fashion piece is trending! Sometimes, fitting in is good. It makes you feel part of a group, so while people aim for exclusivity in fashion and style, inclusivity often can feel great.

While we have diverse clothes to style and wear, we will discuss jackets today, more precisely, leather jackets!

Leather jackets are widely famous than ever before now with mainstream audiences. So, let’s discuss 8 reasons why you should consider leather jackets to make a style statement: 

8 Ways a leather jacket can help you make a style statement

We are already getting blown away by the swag. Leather jackets came into existence and popularity in the 1900s as they became a sign of bad boy and rebel; many punk stars wore them across the US. However, when the punk and metal era ended, many other modern stars wore leather jackets of the same leading brand, Schott. Jennifer Goldszer, director of public relations at Schott, shares how there was a significant increase in 2014 in the sales of leather jackets and it’s been ‘constantly hot since then,’ as she puts it.

1. A reliable friend in bad weather:

We’ll keep aside fashion reasons in the first point; hence let’s talk about something different here. Leather jackets came into existence with their own properties of reliability and long-lasting nature. Leather jackets can save you from harsh winds, it’s less likely to blow up your clothes in proportion. Rainfall and snow can greatly be noticeable on other clothing items but are almost resistant on leather jackets. It can save you from the displeasure of getting soaked while making you still look cool enough; it’s a win-or-win deal.

2. Inclusive Apparel:

The thing about many fashion pieces is that it requires a specific occasion to wear them, such as gowns being limited to weddings or beaches while skinny jeans for recreational or less formal activities. The same applies to men’s suits, which are limited to formal occasions like business meetings or weddings. However, leather jackets always give an edgy and cool look whether you’re going to work, friends meet up, or even bonfire with your classmates in the winter! It adds the same amount of style to your look while not compromising on decency.

3. Comfort level:

While it makes it look different, leather jackets give a great comfort level to you. They may look heavy and bulky, but are in reality, they are lightweight and soft. It is vital to give your shoulders a rest with the heavy jackets and suits we wear, what better excuse to not wear it now, keeping in mind if the additional class it adds! It is always important to invest in a good brand that provides you with a good quality jacket and light on your pocket. Custom leather jackets are a cherry on top. Who doesn’t like a good customized piece that screams their style?

4. Low maintenance:

This is great news for the recent generation, especially Gen Z, who like to keep things easy and hassle-free. They like to invest in a fashion that does not require too much time yet looks chic. Leather jackets are here to save your day. The jackets can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth every once in a while. Conditioners and polish are required with a gap of 2 to 3 months for the outer layer of the jackets to be saved from cracks which often damage the jackets.

5. Various Styles:

Another great and unique thing about leather jackets is that they come in various styles, unlike many other clothing items. Leather jackets can be bomber, motorcycle, cafe racer, utility and distressed, etc. Each style has its own touch, and you can pick whatever resonates or suits more with your style. To each their own, some may prefer a heavier look. Hence they go for motorcycle league jackets, and if you want to keep it minimal yet cool, you can go for bomber jackets.


6. Chic style:

This point separately deserves attention, for it is so crucial to be talked about. Leather jackets add a tremendous amount of elegance to your look; they will blow your mind. People will clearly be aware of your presence for how chic the jacket will make you look without compromising on your personality; it will not make you look indecent or immoral at the cost of looking cool. It can peacefully strike a balance between looking cool and staying decent.


7. Protection from Accidents:

Following our ancestors, did you know leather jackets can widely minimize the number of injuries from a bike accident? In fact, this is how it came into existence in the form of motorbike jackets. The thick layer protects you from bruises, so while it may damage the jacket’s outer layer, it will significantly reduce the chances of injuries you could have faced. 


Concluding Statement:

A good quality durable leather jacket might cost you a little extra on the pocket, however like many other things you purchase and possess, a good leather jacket can also be a great or, rather, wise investment. Like any other investment, it will cost money; however, it will give you a wide range of benefits, as mentioned above. With benefits so promising, you’ll certainly feel you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to fashion.