Expanding File Folders For A Safe and Convenient File Keeping


File folders are necessary, especially if you have a vast amount of paperwork that needs to be correctly sorted out. If you want to organize your files and have added security, use these expanding file folders for the best solution to your needs. From the name itself expanding folders, this makes it distinct from our typical folders.

Those who work from home will surely benefit from this type of folder. Aside from that, it is handy and cheaper compared to buying an actual divider or rack. Before buying one, make sure to choose brands that guarantee to last long to keep your papers on proper filing and to store.

AmazonBasics Expanding File Folder

This expanding file folder from Amazonbasics features an acid-free and made from PVC material. You can use this at home, work, or if you’re traveling and will still keep your files properly sorted. If you love neutral colors, this one comes in black color and will complement your office or home office decor.

Globe-Weis Expanding File Folder

This folder from Globe-Weis has heavy-duty features and extra-thick covers. You can use this if you will be transporting some crucial documents. It has 12 pockets and pre-labeled tabs for easy tagging. It comes in rustic brown color. Have your files or paperwork managed and sort those documents that need to be prioritized. 

Acordian File Folder

One of the best features of this file folder is that it has 23 pockets that can accommodate large amounts of papers. It comes with unique A-Z labels. It has colorful rainbow pockets, and the size of each can fit A4 and letter-size documents. You can put this on your table because it is made from a unique material to keep the folder standing.

C-Line Expanding File Folder

This expanding file folder from the C-Line brand comes with 21 pockets and 20 tabs. It has carrying handles for convenient use and is perfect for sales professionals who are always on the field. It can store 350 to 1,000 pages of documents. For those who are fashion-conscious, this file folder will surely fit their taster.

Fireproof Expanding File Folder

This file folder can survive any weather conditions like rain and even fire. It guarantees you that your documents are safe and secure. Lessen your worry about molds or moisture because this file folder can protect it even for long term use. It comes with colorful pockets and zipper closure. With its string, it is very convenient to carry and hang anywhere you like. 

Nuobesty Expanding File Folder

This file folder is made from Polypropylene material. It has waterproof features that will protect your documents and prevent it from damage. Aside from its stylish design, this folder also comes with 13 pockets and small colorful tags for easy identification of each document. This can only store A4 size paper or letter size. 

Skydue Expanding File Folder

This folder comes in a cute solid colorful design. It only comes in 5 pockets with eight labels and fits 150-200 pages of documents. This folder has a smiling face on its cover that adds attraction, especially to younger generations. 

Blue Summit File Jacket 

Put an end to your worries of not fitting your files in your ordinary folder and the risk that it might fall anywhere. This robust 2″ file jacket is the best solution to your problem. It has bottom expansion and fixed sides allowing your files to stay in one place. These expanding file folders come in a variety of colors to choose from.


Whether you use it at home, school, or at work, the benefits of using an expanded file folder will surely lessen our expenses than buying the typical one. Using this will store lots of files but in an organized manner. It is convenient to use and will help people to have a clutter-free space. If in any case you live in Tampa and you’ll be needing hard copies for your files but you have no printer at home, there is a printer and copier leasing in Tampa, Fl that you can contact and experience hassle free services.