Some Safe Payment Options When Playing at Online Casinos


Modern online casinos allow their players to bet virtual currency that they provide in the first place. Punters can use it indefinitely and whenever they run out they are supplied with more, so entertainment never stops. Those who are ready to make a deposit and bet real money are provided with several payment methods. These financial instruments are reliable, fast and most of them can be used to perform both deposits and withdrawals. When you seek the ultimate combination of speed and security, these five payment methods are a great choice.

Debit and credit cards

Easy to use, readily available and perfect to deposit and withdraw funds, debit and credit cards are accepted at all major casinos like You can transfer funds from the bank account linked to those cards and place the first bets immediately after. When the time comes to cash out profits, you can use the same financial instruments and have the money in a few days. Visa and MasterCard have some of the best cards, accepted not only at online casinos but also other Internet vendors.

Prepaid cards

Paysafecard and other prepaid cards have emerged as excellent alternatives for modern online gamblers. They have the advantage of keeping expenses in check and shield players from the dangers of excessive losses. Since you can only spend the amount you have loaded in advance, you can’t chase losses during a shocking losing streak. The only disadvantage is that you can’t cash out winnings back to the prepaid cards and must use an alternative payment method.


Skrill, Netellet and PayPal are the best known and most reliable e-wallets for online gambling. They are accepted at some of the most important casinos and have the merit of processing transactions faster than credit and debit cards. You can deposit and cash out winnings almost as quickly, with no hidden fees or commission. It’s also easy to keep track of your spending, which is helpful when trying to come up with the ultimate bankroll management strategy.

Bank transfers

Wire transfers are the most widespread payment methods and they are accepted even at the most restrictive casinos. When no e-wallets are accepted and even casinos that don’t list credit and debit cards will allow players to deposit and withdraw winnings via bank transfers. These are some of the safest payment methods and ideal for transferring larger amounts. Bank transfers are also an excellent solution for punters who chose to deposit via prepaid cards and need an alternative payment method for cash outs.

Crypto currencies

Bitcoin is the best-known and most popular crypto currency but other types of digital money are accepted by some online casinos. Compared to fiat currency, these deposits are faster, subject to no commission and highly transparent. At the same time, they don’t disclose a lot of information about the player, so punters can keep their gambling habits secure. Crypto currency casinos frequently offer exclusive bonuses, which are higher than the industry average, so depositors have an obvious advantage.