Embracing the Power of the Internet, with Expert Marcus Joseph Debaise


Marketing is an intricate concept that can seem overwhelming from the start – there are so many different channels available, so it’s hard to know what’s best for you – not to mention, any solid internet marketing plan is an investment. It can be scary to spend money on marketing when you don’t know whether you’ll be able to see tangible results, but with the help of expert Marcus Joseph Debaise, we’re here to help eliminate the marketing stigma and provide you with a strong foundation to start or improve the marketing of your business

            Know your target audience.

            First and foremost, it’s vital to know who exactly you’re marketing to. If senior citizens are a major demographic for your company, then more old-fashioned routes of marketing such as newspapers and local television ads may be a solid start. However, if you’re marketing to current-day adults, such as young parents, millennials or college students – you’ll need to diversify your marketing portfolio. Consider when and where your target audience would come across your advertisements – likely it’s on social media, e-mail, or via Google search. Analyze the daily lives of your audience and construct your marketing model to fit accordingly.

            Embrace current-day marketing techniques.

            “Never underestimate the power of the internet,” Marcus Joseph Debaise says. As a life-long businessman and also marketing expert, Debaise recounts the several time’s internet marketing has brought new audiences and opportunities his way.

            “By utilizing search-engine-optimized words and practices, plus embracing paid social media advertisements, I’ve made a lot more money and gathered a much larger demographic than I ever thought would be possible,” he says.

            The internet is an incredibly powerful tool in modern-day business, especially when it comes to marketing. Almost every social media platform offers opportunities for paid advertisements, and some even allow you to set your demographic preferences and create tagged words that will help to attract the right consumers to your posts, such as Facebook and Instagram.

            Create new content, but do not abandon your pre-existing content.

            Once you’re marketing on social media, too many businesses will focus on churning out new content to throw at their consumers. Rather than focusing on quantity over quality, and simply getting your name out there – take the time to analyze your pre-existing posts. Which types of posts have worked the best for you in the past? Maybe it’s polls that create a lot of engagement, or perhaps videos perform better for you than photos. Take this information and utilize it when creating your new posts. Marcus Joseph Debaise believes that social media marketing is the epitome of working smarter, not harder.

            Constantly work to better your marketing.

            Set the intention to always be learning about your marketing analytics and getting to know the different routes that generate the most engagement with your company. Make sure the messages you’re putting out are authentic and relevant to your audience. Constantly work to better user experience, as well – utilizing features such as “swipe up” to take consumers straight to your website is a great way to make their experience easy and seamless.

            Form partnerships with other brands and people.

            “You can’t do it all alone,” says Marcus Joseph Debaise. “One of the most valuable elements of the internet and social media is the ability to work with others,” he says. Creating partnerships with different brands that share a similar vision as your company is a great way to further your reach, and both brands can benefit from it. Not to mention, utilizing partnerships with different influencers can be a great way to spike your engagement. Most influencers have a more personal relationship with their followers, and oftentimes their audience places greater trust in their promoted posts.

            Marketing is definitely an intricate business, and it can seem daunting to navigate the best route for your business. It’s important to understand that a trial and error process may be the only way to find what really works for you, and that is okay. Allow yourself to make the investment in good marketing and utilize the internet in doing so. It’s 2019 – so allow your marketing to evolve, and reap the benefits of working smarter, not harder.