Can ankle taping help to reduce ankle pain or strains?


Our ankles are always under enormous weight daily! From running, walking to working out, ankles take on our full body weight. There are times when people hurt their ankle by spraining their ankle or causing muscle pull. In both cases, the recovery comes with time, with the application of medical tools and consuming medicines.

Treating ankle pain

An ankle sprain is one of the common ankle issues for most people, who don’t work out. When you accidentally roll the ankle, you can tear or stretch one or more ligaments close to the ankle region. The ankle sprains range from extreme to mild severity. There are times where you might lose your balance. Then you might want to roll the ankle, which will gradually lessen the pain.

Additionally, at times you can hear a huge pop sound, followed by extreme pain and swelling. Irrespective of the degree of pain, it is essential to get in touch with a physician and get it diagnosed. When you don’t treat your ankle pain correctly, it can lead to prolonged ankle sprains. For the daily, ankle pains and strains that occur due to sudden jerks and pulls at the gym or elsewhere, you can browse ankle pain tape and apply it under expert guidance. 

The two other ways to heal ankle pain are:

  1. Opt for an ankle band or support

You can keep wearing the adjustable ankle band or support until the mild strain and pain symptoms lessen. It will provide the necessary support to the ankle joint and also start healing it. However, it will also enable the ankle to move freely, so that it doesn’t get stiff.

  • Physiotherapy

If you find that your ankle pain is worsening, you need to get in touch with a physiotherapist. They will suggest you the best exercise and treat you with ankle massage strokes to facilitate healing. Other treatments that get used include heat and ultrasound treatment.

The practice of ankle taping

Ankle taping is a popular trend mostly amongst athletics. However, others can use it too. The question is, why is ankle taping getting popular. The reason is that the advanced kinesiology ankle tapes help minimize the swelling, the after-effect of an ankle injury. Also, gradually, the taping provides external stability that the stretched ligaments need as they heal. Also, as you have finished the rehabilitation and want to get back to movement or exercise, your coach or trainer might tape the ankle for added support for averting injury anymore.

Your injury will decide the taping method. The most prominent ankle injury is the inversion ankle sprain. It happens when your ankle turns under or in, by forcing the small toe towards the ground. As this injury occurs, the ligaments get stretched, which makes the ankle unstable for a longer time. The moment there’s a sprained ankle, you will feel more prone to sprains and make your ligaments less effective. It is here that you can count on the kinesiology tapes to alleviate the pain and promote healing. You can carry on with your daily tasks because it provides ample comfort as well.