The Reality Of CBD For Hair Loss: Any Truth Or Just Myth?


Your hair is your pride! 

And God helps them who dare to harm your hair in any way, isn’t it?

But what happens when your hair falls off for no reason? 

You feel flustered. There is a sudden urge that compels you to delve deep into the reason for your unnecessary hair fall and then solve the cause. However, most of the time you come up empty-handed- either you end up with no knowledge about the hair fall or with no solution. 

Hair fall is one of the growing concerns amongst the population. There is no age boundary and hence individuals from every age group suffer from this problem. There are many reasons that account for untimely hair fall, starting from overexposure to UV rays to genetic problems. 

But the worst part of hair fall is in the remedy. You will come across many shampoos, hair care products, and even medicines which promise to lessen the hair fall and promote the growth of new hair follicles. However, most of these elements either fail to produce any result or take too much time for showing a positive result. 

This is why nowadays people are looking for natural solutions like herbal plants, vitamin loaded natural oils, and so on for the hair fall. CBD is one such natural solution which has proven to be one of the best hair fall remedies. 

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

Now before we move into the discussion of CBD and hair loss, it will be better if you get familiar with the causes of hair fall. 

  • Hypothyroidism: one of the main reasons of hair fall is hypothyroidism. It is the deficiency of the thyroxine hormone in the blood that causes a rapid hair fall with no further sign of re-growth. 
  • Scalp and hair root infections: sometimes if your scalp or the hair roots are suffering from any fungal or bacterial infection, there will be high chances of suffering from hair fall. Generally, the hair loss pattern is observed in the form, of blocks, around the areas of the infection. 
  • Chemotherapy: even though chemotherapy has proven to be useful for treating the first and second stages of cancer, the cure certainly has a side effect. And one of the worst side effects is hair loss.
  • Anemia: people who suffer from low hemoglobin count usually experience hair loss. Even though the rate of hair loss is not too fast, but still it is a concern for people suffering from long term anemia. 
  • Genetic causes: even though the cause of this is unknown, people have reported experiencing baldness as a result of heredity. 
  • Lack of Vitamins and minerals: Vitamin A and Vitamin K are quite essential for the proper growth of hair and strengthening of the follicles. Minerals like iron and potassium also help in hair growth. So the deficiency of these essential nutrients will cause hair fall. 
  • Dandruff: another common cause of hair fall is dandruff. Generally, the rate of hair loss is more in people having sticky dandruff rather than dry dandruff. 

What Is CBD And What Are It’s Specialties?

CBD or cannabidiol is usually found in huge concentrations in the cannabis plant- a derivative of the coffee family. Cannabis has always been in use for treating several health problems. This is why perhaps CBD is becoming so popular amongst the global population. 

CBD oil contains phytocannabinoids- chemical components which trigger the endocannabinoid receptors in your body. They act as binding receptors, allowing your body to restore the normal homeostasis. 

How Does CBD Help In Treating Hair Loss?

Since hair loss is becoming a growing concern with little to no actual remedy present, people are looking forth for different treatments, including the use of CBD. Cannabidiol is used in the form of oil for treating hair loss and hair fall since it is the fastest way to treat any form of hair disease. For example, if you have infections in your scalp, applying the oil over the skin will help you to reduce the inflammations and thus will prevent hair loss. So, without wasting any time let’s see how CBD actually helps in reducing the rate of hair fall and promotes the health of the follicles. 

  • CBD is a great stress reliever. So, if your hair is falling off due to unnecessary stress, taking CBD will certainly help you. 
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties which will reduce any kind of bacterial or fungal scalp infection. 
  • Massaging your scalp thoroughly with the help of lukewarm CBD oil will improve the blood circulation to your scalp, thereby ensuring that your hair follicles are receiving the proper amount of nutrients. 

Is It Safe To Take CBD For Hair Loss?

Well, truth be told, no proven certification can tell whether CBD is entirely safe or not. Since cannabis has some stimulating properties, people hesitate a lot in using the CBD. But in reality, CBD lacks those psychotherapeutic components and hence is not harmful. However, you always have to make sure that you are buying the product from a trusted shop. 

CBD is highly reactive and if you are using the wrong composition or an artificial one, things can go bad. So, first, check the license of the shop and see whether they are allowed to sell CBD products or not. Then check the quality of the oil before buying. There are many online shops where you will get guaranteed and trustworthy CBD oil for your hair loss like the Industrialhempfarms


Studies are still being carried on to find strong medical evidence against the relationship between CBD and hair loss. Even though proper evidence is not available, surveys have shown that patients have really praised the product for their hair loss problem. All you need to make sure is you are using a high-quality product and that you are following the rules of usage. Rest assured, CBD will definitely help you a lot in fighting off your sudden hair fall problems.