3 Ways to Make Your Home More Comfortable


We’ve probably never spent as much time at home before as we have these last two years due to the pandemic. While many industries have suffered, home renovations and improvements have increased. If you’re looking for some creative ways to make your home more comfortable, then I’ve got some fantastic ideas for you. From making your house smarter, through to bringing a little of your vacations home with you, here are my top 3 ways to make your home more comfortable.

1. Make Your House Smart
One of my pet peeves was when I’d go to bed at night, only to realise someone had left a light on downstairs and I’d have to peel myself out of my cozy bed to go downstairs to shut it off. I decided to install smart, WIFI connected light switches in my lights, which has allowed me to control the lighting with my phone and even using my own voice. I’ve sent up an automatic timer so after midnight all lights that were left on go off. There are so many ways you can implement technology in your home to make it more comfortable and smarter. Some people might find this amount of technology unnecessary or even complicated (you can click here to learn more about why that might be true) but if you regularly use your smart phone then chances are it will be a good upgrade for you.

2. Upgrade the Things You Use Everyday
While it can be tempting to upgrade areas of your house that you barely use, I think it is a smarter investment to focus on the things you use frequently. How much time do you spend, for example, sleeping each night? For that reason I regularly suggest that people consider upgrading their bed or at least their mattress if it is more than 5 years old. If you don’t know how old your mattress is, all the more reason to invest in an upgrade. When you multiple how much time you spend using each day over the course of a year it is a mind boggling amount of time and a better quality mattress could make a huge difference in terms of your comfort and sleep quality. If you’re looking for some inspiration as to what to focus on, click here to learn more about products and services we use every day.

3. Bring Your Travels Home With You
I’m not a big fan of buying souvenirs when traveling – I find most of them to be quite tacky and junky. Instead, I prefer to buy ‘normal things’ I use often in the places I go. For example I might choose a nice feature rug, some special espresso cups and so forth. As this website states, it’s important to consider the overall look and flow of your home before making any purchases, because you want your souvenirs to support the overall aesthetic of your home. Ensuring that you shop in this way will mean that you have treasures from all over the world, but that they fit into your home’s style and add more than just a ‘I was here’ value.

Your home is where you’ll spend the majority of your life. Hopefully these tips will help guide you to upgrading your home in a way that will add considerable value while making it even more comfortable.