The Perfect Montessori Toys for Your Child

Montessori Toys
Montessori Toys

As a parent, you must know about Montessori and its significance in a child’s life. It is an age-old concept developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. The approach encourages children to delve into carefully created age-appropriate activities that will help evolve your child’s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social developmental process. Even if you might be a few years behind in deciding if Montessori preschool is the correct option for your child, it might be time to incorporate the Montessori approach from the beginning.

There are no approved official Montessori toys. However, a toy is identified as Montessori-approved if it provides the same educational theories as the Montessori Method. Below are a few types of toys that can be introduced to your child, to begin with, the Montessori approach at home:

  • Natural items

The Montessori Method revolves around giving your child an environment with natural items. Your child can learn and explore raw materials. However, it does not mean that no plastic should be allowed. It simply refers that for most of it, traditional Montessori toys from materials that include wood, cotton, wool, metal, etc. The toys made from natural materials offer simplicity and no distractions. It helps your child to engage in imaginative, open-ended games.

  • Toys with a single focus

Toys that have a single skill help your child in focusing. It further helps in concept building and forms the foundation for more advanced learning. Single skill toys may include rattles with a bell or a single-shape puzzle. Even a pounding bench can be a single-skill toy. Single-skill toys teach concepts that are more sophisticated as your child develops and evolves.

  • Realistic toys that provide a purpose

The Montessori approach favors toys that are purpose-driven and more realistic. The more a toy is rooted in reality and not pretend, the more beneficial it is for your child. It can translate to when selecting a cartoon-based figurine compared to something realistic; it is best to choose the latter. Kids love to copy the natural world that surrounds them. Therefore, many Montessori baby toys can help your child feel like a part of the natural world and it should become more acceptable.

  • Sensory Toys

Kids, specifically toddlers, explore their senses and love doing so. Thus, sensory play is more encouraged in the Montessori approach of education. A sensory toy best helps your child explore all their senses while assisting them in developing their motor skills.

  • Teething Toys

Your toddler is likely to have sore gums with the onset of milk teeth. A teething toy made from natural materials is best. It helps your child in curbing the terrible itch to their gums and making them less cranky. The Montessori approach includes teething toys as a part of the physical development of your child.

  • Books

The Montessori approach prefers selecting your child’s books based in the real world; it may as well include details and are age-appropriate for your child.

The Montessori approach got based on the essential utilization of toys that enhance your child’s cognitive, social, and physical development. It is a widely popular, age-old method that is beneficial for your child, and it gets best implemented from the start.