4 Important Ways to Prep Your Home for the Winter Months


If it’s winter where you are, you might have realised that your home isn’t in the best condition and you’re going to need to make some investments before winter rolls around next year. Most renovations or modifications will be easier during the summer months for two reasons: the first being there will be probably less demand, so you may even be able to negotiate some special prices for some renovations. Second being that the warmer weather will make it easier and more comfortable to do certain repairs, such as checking the condition of your roof and so forth. If there’s nothing urgent to do right now, I suggest waiting a few months to begin your checks to see what ways you need to prep your home for the winter months.

1. Check for Condensation in the Windows
Have you looked at your windows lately? If you have double glazed windows, you’ll want to check to see if there’s any condensation between the two glass layers. This compromises the glasses ability to maintain a warmer inside temperature, meaning it’s probably time to consider replacing your windows or at least having the seals looked at. Condensation between the panels is a pretty clear sign that you’ll be losing a lot of heat, meaning compromised heating and increased heating bills. While replacing your windows is a large investment, over the course of the next few years you’ll probably spend a lot more on extra heating costs, such as a Hydrosolar geothermal heater, so you may find it more economical and comfortable to replace the windows.

2. Get Your Home Office Ready
If you live somewhere where snowstorms regularly result in roads being closed or weather warnings, so you’re unable to commute to the office, then ensuring your home office is comfortable may be an important part of your winter prep. If you’ve been making do using a kitchen chair as your office chair, please stop! Ensuring proper posture while you work will make a huge difference to your energy levels and productivity. Make sure your office chair, desk, and even lighting situation are good for your home office. You may also want to invest in a mouse and a ergonomic keyboard so your posture is better, even if you’re working from a laptop while at home. If your work allows you some flexibility to work from home, chances are you’ll want to utilise this more during the cooler winter months, so ensuring your office is ready will help make that easier.

3. Consider Moving
I personally feel that Spring or Fall are the best times to move, if possible. There’s something special about starting these seasons in a new place. If moving is on the cards for you this year, then one of the best pieces of advice I have for you is to work with a moving company, such as Bekins Moving Solutions. They can help you with every aspect of moving, from packing the boxes to the actual moving. This frees you up to focus on the more important things, such as the logistics of moving your family and pets. Moving is extremely stressful, but make it easier on yourself by moving before winter rolls around.

4. Stock Your Pantry

I love stocking my pantry over the summer to prepare for the cooler months. Buying things like canned soup, and hot drink mixes, helps ensure I’ll be cozy and comfortable during the thick of winter. It can also help you avoid too many trips in the snow to stock up on supplies. Think about things with a long expiration date that you regularly use, and stock up on those. You can check out this website for more ideas on how to prep your home for the winter months.

With a bit of organisation during the summer months, you can ensure your home is ready to go for the winter. Hopefully these four tips help you feel prepared