Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Tools

Marketing Tools

Today, people are keen on doing in-depth online marketing research about any real estate project before finally investing in it. Such changing trends in the real estate industry necessitate the use of a real estate investment tool and spending more on the strategies for online marketing. Online real estate marketing is by far the best way of online promotion of the current as well as upcoming projects so that leads can be generated easily. Once this is done, customer satisfaction is ensured by answering their queries in the least possible time. Thus, it helps in creating long term loyal customers who bring more businesses to the firm.

Planning for online marketing involves the use of emails, social media posts, campaigns, and proper content. This helps not only in staying in touch but also in creating an impact on customers. 

In this article, we will have a look at the top 10 marketing tools for real estate to know how they can benefit the real estate sector.


This tool is not just about describing any real estate property but also virtually touring it. It lets customers view everything from photos to floor plans with a 3-dimensional effect and Virtual Reality.


When lead generation is your primary concern, in a certain geographic location. This tool can be used, online as well as offline. You can respond to customers’ queries through calls, emails, or text messages. Thus, engagement with customers is increased, leading to better conversion rates. It allows you to track all inbound calls with the creation of local phone numbers for every marketing channel.

3.Follow Up Boss

This is a CRM that helps in ensuring quicker response as well as lead nurturing so that you can get more contacts into your listing. Real estate teams, as well as brokers, find it beneficial, owing to the focus of the tool on lead distribution. It integrates email management, viewing the social information, and managing the lead auto responders in one place. Besides this, it also lets you set goals and reminders for any upcoming tasks.


This is an amazing tool for real estate agencies as it helps them create the best marketing videos in a few easy steps, which drive more traffic. The best part of this tool is that it doesn’t need any prior experience in video making. Real estate agencies can create impressive videos through the use of customizable, attention-grabbing, AI-powered marketing video templates offered by it. Besides this, there are stickers, images, and text boxes to make a concise video more informative and thus, impactful so that viewers won’t forget it. 

To stand out in the tough competitive market, you need to have captivating content through your impressive masterpieces, portraying your listings. All this can be done with the least effort, time, and money using InVideo.


This tool saves time by directing the clients to an online calendar so that they can know the time slots available for them. It also has an appointment calendar that can be used for including social media and email marketing for the movement of prospects along the process of sales.


It is used for automating and streamlining all the agreements to save time and money, besides 

ensuring safety and compliance. You can easily get signatures with this. Contract management can be done from one location. In case you forgot a signature, you just need to send the contract off using the tool.

7.Sprout Social

This platform helps real estate agencies manage social media scheduling, engagement and analytics in one space.


Real estate agencies make use of numerous social profiles, and managing them becomes hectic sometimes. In this scenario, Hootsuite plays a wonderful role by auto-posting to all the social profiles, which significantly saves time. Besides this, it also filters social conversations and findings through the use of keywords and hashtags in various languages. Thus, agencies can know the opinion of masses about their brand as well as their rivals.


There are many instances when it is required to convert PDFs to online documents. They can use high-quality images, videos, and links to the resources for perfectly portraying the properties to clients.


This is a graphic design tool available online for free. It has certain templates that come with a 

small fee per month. You can use this for creating infographics so that the posts related to the real estate projects can become more impactful. Operating it is easy and does not need any prior designing experience.


In this digital age, people are always in a rush and want to save time and effort in everything. This is why the automation tools play a vital role in making things easier for the buyer as well as the seller in the real estate industry. Using tools such as InVideo can help the real estate agencies create dynamic content that will remarkably boost their online presence.