3 Easy DIY Projects to Try At Home

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What’s so great about DIY projects? Absolutely everything. For one, you get to tap into your creativity and try something new. Conceiving a project from scratch gives you a sense of satisfaction and self-reliance, and provides a much-needed break from technology. Doing something you enjoy also lowers your stress level and revs up your brain. Plus, do-it-yourself projects are just plain old fun, and totally different from work projects that come with dreary confines like time limits. Still feeling intimidated? Don’t. Following are three super-easy projects for you to try out featuring everything from dainty pearls (https://www.thepearlsource.com/) to your old denims. You can whip up any of these in 30 minutes or less, and the materials are so common you probably have them stashed in your cupboards. What are you waiting for? Gather your goods and get crafty! 


Pearl-studded plimsolls are incredibly easy — and fun — to make. All you need is a pair of plimsolls or other canvas shoes, fabric glue or a hot glue gun, and some pearl beads. Next, channel your creative spirit and start gluing. Go random or create a pattern, it’s up to you — just let them dry before showing off your sensational style. PS: If you know someone with a birthday in June, these shoes make a great personalized gift because pearls are the June birthstone.

Image source: diylisty.com


Tons of textiles are thrown away each year. Don’t dump your old Levi’s; turn them into an adorable recycled jeans wine gift bag instead. All you need is a pair of old jeans, scissors, fabric glue or a sewing machine, and a length of pretty ribbon. Simply snip off one pant leg (or both if you’re wrapping multiple bottles), using the bottle as a measuring guide so that the neck will poke out of the top. If you don’t have the bottle yet, cut near the knee (you can always scrunch the fabric down when you put the bottle in). Next, turn the leg inside out and either sew or glue the raw edge closed. If using glue, let it dry before turning right side out again. Finally, place the bottle inside, tie a pretty bow around the bag at the neck, and voilà! A gift that is equal parts charming and eco-friendly.

Bonus: Add a handy corkscrew holder by gluing a pocket to the outside!

Image source: cathiefilian.blogspot.com


As beautiful as they are practical, you can put together a mason jar herb garden in a snap. Collect a few clean quart-size Mason jars, some potting soil, seeds or small plants, and a quantity of small rocks or gravel. Place about an inch of gravel in the bottom of the jar for drainage, then add the potting soil. Dampen the soil with water and then add the seeds or small plants. To keep it straight which herbs are which, use popsicle sticks to label or tie twine with a hand-printed tag to each jar. Place in a sunny window, be sure to keep the soil moist and watch your beautiful indoor garden grow! These also make a lovely housewarming gift!

Image source: hgtv.com