Gift Your Loved Ones a Diamond Ring with Classic and Timeless Cuts

Diamond Ring

Be it for an engagement, or a birthday, every woman deserves to own a diamond ring, and flaunt it to the world. Nevertheless, one can always get confused as to what design should a ring possesses. Similarly, the cut of the diamond also matters to a substantial level. Cuts can be either oval, square, round, and varying shapes. The average selling price and the level of quality depending on the cut quality of the diamond.

Let’s go through the common as well as some uncommon diamond cuts, which will help you decide what type of diamond shape you will like on the ring.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion-cut refers to a cross between a modern oval and an old mine formed diamond. It was quite popular in the early twentieth century. These have approximated sixty facets, owing to its crafting to sparkle best at candlelight. The cushion-cut comprises of a soft glow, offering the user with a subtle and romantic look shining in any and every setting. If you want to set apart from the crowd, this cut is the perfect choice for you.

Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut is a popular cut for fancy shaped diamonds, mostly, the diamonds whose face is crafted in the square or rectangular design. The extra faceting permits it to emit a lot of gleam and sparkle in comparison with its counterparts. It looks like an upside-down pyramid which has a distinct cross-shaped reflection. It also has uncropped sharp corners. Since this cut retains the dazzle for a longer time in comparison to the other cuts, this factor has tremendously added to its popularity. There are several sites and sources available online that you can browse to learn about princess cut diamonds.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald cuts constitute rectangular designs, comprising of chopped off corners. To as step cuts, however, they aren’t as common as the oval and round ones.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

If the occasion revolves around love, you can gift your loved ones with a heart-shaped fancy ring or an earring. This shape symbolized the occasion and stands out among the rest. It is an excellent choice for events, such as engagement and anniversaries.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

The radiant cut is a straightedge square or a rectangular stone with cut corners. This type of cut is gaining popularity steadily, owing to the combination of the emerald cut and the round cut.


The marquise cut is a traditional cut that resembles a football. The appearance is like an oval cut with tapered ends. The bow-tie effect is a significant sign of an excellent quality marquise cut diamond.

There are several shapes, and you can choose any cut for your diamond. The world of diamonds is a complex one; therefore, whatever shape and cut you select should be unique and suit your personality. The cut you choose should make the diamond shine out on your body, giving you a timeless and precious experience.