American Fashion Model Karlie Kloss Will Not Vote for Trump this Year


American fashion model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss are hell-bent not to vote for US President Donald Trump in 2020. Her husband Joshua Kushner, who is also the brother of the President’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner makes things difficult within the family, indicating some complex family matters. Kloss is sure to vote out Trump.

When the fashion model of Victoria’s Secret asked by Andy Cohen if she has the same political ideologies as her family, she was candid about her opinion and did not hold anything back. In fact, Kloss cited that she is not the sole person in the US who differs from the family when it comes to the politics of the country. Karlie said that she did vote as a democrat back in 2016 and spilled the beans that she would vote against Trump in 2020 as well. The American media regarded Karlie’s answer as a good and smart one.

Strong family ties with to the Trump

Karlie has powerful family relations with the Trump government, like Joshua, her husband is the younger sibling of Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who has tied the knot with Ivanka Trump. This entire thing means Karlie and Ivanka are sisters-in-law due to the marriage, thus indicating some complex family ties. Both Ivanka and Karlie assume official roles in the White House, and Jared serving as the House Innovations Director, while his wife Ivanka Trump works as an official advisor to President Donald Trump. Now, Karlie is honest about voting against Trump, this showing her fiery spirit and spelling what political ideologies she supports in a straightforward way.

Karlie’s role as a political

The fashion model works as a political activist to support women’s rights in the US and it is no wonder why she differs from Trump concerning American women. She cited that she is quite fervent about various issues in the country presently and that includes women’s reproductive well-being and health. She believes in Planned Parenthood. Her stance on Trump is quite clear and candid after she gave an interview and expressed her opinions related to her political beliefs.

Of late, the fashion model opened up about her challenges in the marriage to British Vogue, considering her family’s close nexus with the White House. According to Kloss, things have not been smooth or that easy, as she told the magazine in an interview in July 2019. She insisted that she believes and concentrates on the values that the model shares with her spouse Joshua. These are the same liberal beliefs or values that Karlie was raised with, which guided her in life since childhood.

Karlie told the media that when she met her husband, times were different in the country. She and her husband went through a lot since their courtship and Karlie feels proud of Joshua. After she tied the knot, Karlie converted to Judaism, as she is liberal-minded.

Final words

Whether Trump would win or lose in 2020 is a different ball game altogether. What matters is doing what you believe as we see Karlie Kloss said she would vote against Trump.