3 Simple Tips to Customize Water Bottles for Successful Marketing Campaigns

custom water bottles marketing

Market research shows that the distribution of promotional products, such as water drinking bottles, mugs, or tumblers. Is an effective marketing strategy to increase your brand awareness. They are cost-effective and reusable, which makes them perfect for a long-term marketing plan.

Since water bottles have become a centrepiece in the lives of many people, custom water bottles are often used as promotional merchandise by established companies. If you wish to use custom drinking bottles in your next marketing campaign. Here are three simple tips on how you can tap into the popularity of promotional bottles. For successful business promotion and stay ahead of your competitors.

Tip #1: Consider the purpose of the water bottle’s strategy

Before thinking of the aesthetic aspect of the bottles, business owners should shift their entire focus on making the water bottle as promotional tools first. So they need to brainstorm on methods to put their brand out into the world through the water bottles.

One effective way they can do to expose their brands. To prospective clients is to imprint their company’s name, brand logo, and other essential information on the bottle. They should make sure the prints are neat and readable with suitable fonts and colours. Picking font style and size, which are easy to read even from a few metres away. Can help increases the water bottle’s marketing potential.

Tip #2: Focus more on quality rather than quantity

Instead of giving out thousands of poor-quality water bottles, business owners should invest in a smaller amount of high-quality bottles. Improving the quality of promotional products ensures a more prolonged usage of the branded bottles. Hence, prolonging their promotional potential.

Giving out decent quality products also instigate appreciation and value amongst the recipient towards the brand, which leads to a better impression and reputation of the company.

Tip #3: Go against the conventional style with unique, aesthetic designs

There are a lot of companies giving out water bottles as promotional gifts. So aside from using reusable materials, business owners should include some unique features to their custom water bottles to make them more memorable and stand out amongst the crowd.

One tweak they can do to the bottles is using a cool lid which makes the bottles easy to use, such as:

  • Push-button: Users can push the button and sip the water.
  • Flip-top: The lid flips open for a quick sip.
  • Push and pull spout: It is convenient and famous amongst sports enthusiasts.
  • Thumb-slide: Users can take a sip and slide the lid shut to avoid spillage.
  • Filtered lids: Offers a perfect cover for health-conscious users.

Another enticing feature business owners can include to the custom water bottles is using an innovative design. The following are some of the latest popular models in the market.

  • Infusers: This bottle design allows users to enjoy their favourite fruit juice.
  • Collapsible bottles: This design allows users to fold and bring the bottles anywhere they go.
  • Colour-changing bottles: This design adds an element of surprise and amazement to the users.
  • Wireless speaker bottles: These innovative bottles combine high-tech water bottles with a built-in speaker.
  • Blender bottles: This bottle brings work and pleasure together and is perfect for on-the-go smoothies.

Giving away custom water bottles is an effective marketing strategy as long as you do it right. To ensure marketing success with promotional bottles, you need to consider several factors, including the goal of the promotional product, the quality of the bottles, and their aesthetic design and functions. Creating customized and unique water bottles that cater to the needs of your customers can help increase your brand exposure and reputation.