What Kind of Pipe Is Right for Me?

Smoking Pipes

Forging that bond between a pipe and a smoker is a sacred ritual. Once you find the right smoking accessory that compliments your lifestyle, there’s no turning back. The fun part about figuring out the right glass pipe for you is the process. There’s a pipe for every type of smoker. You just have to find yours. Here are some glass pipes for every occasion that you can purchase through online headshops like, Badass Glass.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are your classic glass pipes. They have a decent-sized basin that fits a good amount of cannabis. Even better, they fit comfortably in your hand. You can palm a spoon pipe discreetly for a few puffs and continue about your business.

Most spoon pipes are made of durable glass. So, they’re easily portable. Many can easily fit in your pocket or bag. These pipes are perfect for people who are new to cannabis or traditional marijuana enthusiasts.

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes are precisely what you’d picture. They’re glass pipes that are in the shape of everyone’s favorite literary detective’s smoking apparatus. While these glass pipes’ S-hape is physically appealing, it’s design is also functional for using the pipe.

Due to the pipe’s curvature, it’s not a straight shot of smoke from the bowl to your mouth. The smoke must travel up and down the curves of the pipes’ shape. In turn, it cools down before hitting your lips.

Sherlock pipes come in many sizes. Therefore, some are more portable than others. With that said, you can definitely bring this pipe on-the-go. However, it’s best to pull out a Sherlock pipe when you’re hosting a party and have a lot of mouths looking to share.

Gandalf Pipes

A Gandalf pipe is ideal for anyone who is a Lord of the Rings nut. Traditionally, Gandalf smokes Churchwarden pipes. These pipes have very long stems that allow for cool smoke that bursts with flavor.

Many Gandalf pipes are very thin. As great as they look, they might not travel well. Not to mention, they don’t tend to hold a lot of cannabis. So, this is the perfect piece for a solo smoke session or a small gathering with people you trust handling your glass.

Ceramic Pipes

While glass pipes are the most popular way to smoke, they’re not everyone’s favorite. For one, the glass itself can get pretty hot from overexposure to the lighter. From there, you’re inhaling hot smoke through the shaft. Newbies and habitual smokers alike can burn their lips and lungs from all the heat.

Ceramic pipes are an organic way to cut the heat. While they’re a little more expensive, they’re also more durable. So, getting a ceramic pipe might be a good investment in future smoke sessions.

Stone Pipes

Nothing beats the aesthetics of a beautiful stone pipe. Like a ceramic pipe, stone offers smooth flavor. Traditionally, stone pipes are a bit smaller than their ceramic counterparts. So, they’re best used for solo sessions or a quick hit.

Metal Pipes

If you’re a klutz, then metal pipes might be the right pipe for you. These pipes are nearly indestructible. That makes these pipes the perfect option for smoking on-the-go.

The best part about metal pipes is that they’re very conspicuous. Many metal pipes aren’t made to resemble your traditional smoking accessory. You can get metal pipes that look like a tube of lipstick, a spark plug, or even a car alarm fob!


Sometimes we just need a toke to take the edge off. That’s where one-hitters come in handy. Just as the name implies, these pipes have enough room to pack a hit’s worth (or two) of cannabis.

One-hitters are perfect for the everyday smoker. They’re ideal for taking a walk around the building at work or sneaking out at a party. Therefore, many one-hitters are compact and travel well.

Steamroller Pipes

The steamroller pipe is perfect for someone who likes big hits from little smoking accessories. These are long cylindrical glass pieces that emulate a bong tube. Once the cannabis is lit, it must travel through the straight tube, cooling the smoke down before it reaches your mouth.

Steamroller pipes come in various sizes. However, they’re very skinny in stature. Since they’re hollow glass, they might not travel as easily as other glass pipes on this list. So, make sure to pack your steamroller pipe with a little cushion for optimal transport.

Novelty Pipes

Sometimes the best pipe for you doesn’t fit into a category. You can easily adapt to any of the pipes on this list. So, for many, what matters most is the design of the pipe. Then, browsing a catalog of novelty pipes is the right move for you.

Novelty pipes say a lot about your personality. They’re a way to express yourself while partaking in an activity you enjoy. Not to mention, some of these pieces are guaranteed conversation starters. That’s an ideal feature when you’re trying to break the ice at a gathering over a smoke session.